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  1. I have it in the question, just not on the topic, and its labeled. I'll put it in the topic next time. Is there a video explaining this? Or something I can read? I can't find an option to snapshot up.
  2. I planned to have it set up in the way I have it now, and one button for successive snapshotting. I thought about that already, lol
  3. I would absolutely love to be able to hit one button to go through my entire song in an order. I want to go through my snapshots in an order I choose. Setting them all to one button and going through an order of snapshots. Is there a way to do this on the HX LT?
  4. Ok, after testing, it still happened, but I figured it out. Apparently there is a "dominant" block, aka. the newest block placed, that takes over the brightness of the FS, and will always light up. So I had to copy the block, delete it, and paste it to make it the latest addition block. That became the "lit" FS. Saved it like 10 times to make me feel better, lol. Thank you though. May not have tried it if you didn't make me test that.
  5. So I use a single channel and set it up so that my distortion is a lit up red color, and when pressed in again, is a dimmed red channel so that I know just by looking what switch setting I am on. Well, when I add in an eq for my cleans, the clean channel turns lit up and my distortion is dimmed. I have tried deleting the effect and trying to set it up again, and the same thing happens. I see no option to switch this either, and I need the eq effect. When live, I have already muffed my channel switch because of this. would love to add a video of this, but lowest i can do is 24mbs and only allows 4.88mbs... Any ideas?
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