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  1. helix, Dry signal . Depending on what direction I point either my strat or tele will depend if I almost get slight hum. Playing through headphones Completely DRY preset. Nothing in the chain. If I slightly turn the guitar to certain angles will almost get rid of VERY small Hum/ voltage coming though head phones. NEW cables. then when I turn guitar away at specific angles. NO voltage hum/ IT was VERY light to start with. But I am doing Ambient music and need complete dry signal. the best I can get with home studio. Even with I get VERY far away from the Helix floor model it still does it. turn guatar at angle a VERY SLIGHT HUM. then back NO HUM. I assume the single coil pickups will always have some hum but on dry signal? Ofcourse in 1 and 5 positions on strat its less but I can still hear Voltage on dry nothing in the chain It increases when I put guitar parallel or perpendicular to the helix. I have even tried turning all the lights off. The imac. etc and try in the dark. Same issue. Perhaps the voltage from the Helix being directed into the single coils and depending what angle it goes almost silent. The issue is I have to just place and stay still in a specific angle to get completely clean on clean channel through helix. Or I am just retarded? Its like I have to be a statue in a specific angle to keep the thing quiet. Recap. When I turn the guitar angle the hum goes away on any of my guitars NOthing in chain on clean channel. I have to sit in certain angles to get no voltage hum. Is this normal for helix?
  2. Greetings, Yamaha purchased line 6 so question is, StageSource L3t or the yamaha HS8 studio monitors? stagesource is more dedicated to live performance but why pay for HS8 since stagesource is portable, UNLESS the sound quality of HS8 are so high then just get the studio monitors. To better help in this questions. I have the Helix floor with Powercab 112 plus + (I'm not sure what kind of tones I need and buying lots of different amps during my journey seems like a bargain with HELIX) hence purchased Now I wanted to practice my licks on guitar and vocals and use Helix 2nd channel to the mic and play FLAT through the power cab when using a mic. works good but need lots of gain and EQ adjusts but works ok. I can get away with the FLAT response but cant use the cab models effectively when playing guitar and mic(vocals) through Powercab. So I need some monitors to play back the DAW clips I record and laying down tracks. I can use the powercab as a monitor in flat response yet... So first I thought HS8 monitor hooked up to the HELIX for 2nd Channnel and play the guitar channel through the Powercab and put the 2nd channel to the Monitor speakers so I can hear the speaker models for live guitar playing. IF the StageSource L3t sound quality is as good as HS8 I would rather buy the stage source for portable live sounds StargeSource L3t or HS8 studio monitors.? Thanks Tenaya
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