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  1. I'm probably missing something obvious here. I am attempting to run this as an external pedal into my signal chain on the HELIX LT. I'm running the Helix 4 Cable method into my amp, but also have it connected via XLR to monitors and switching back and further between running it with my amp, or as a setup with FRFR. The VH4 only had 3 connections...Guitar Input, Output to Guitar Amp and Out to Power Amp. I am wanting to run this in the front of my signal path so I can use the Deep Switch and Presence knobs on the VH4. When it is run into the FX loop it loses those controls. Oh and I'm also running a Line 6 Relay G10 too. Should it be in that signal chain since that is the guitar line? I think I'm missing something pretty obvious on how to set this up. Thanks!
  2. My apologies if this is asked all the time. I tried to resolve this by reading through the threads. I can't really make heads or tails as to which update is current, and what steps need to be followed to get this working correctly. I appear to have the latest firmware for the Helix installed according to the boot up screen and what I could sift through on here. Yesterday I unboxed my Helix rack and have a MacBook Pro (latest model) that I connected it to via USB -- to USB/USBC dongle--Macbook Pro USBC port. Worked ok, and recognized the MacBook Pro just fine. Today it isn't recognized at all. I checked my System Preferences and it does not show up in the sound options either. My Audio connection for the Helix is to a pair of monitors via XLR connections to each. So my setup isn't too complex and should be pretty straight forward? The other issue is I downloaded the editor (I think?) and got a column only? It shows the preset names, and says Export and Import Impulses and that is about all it does. I had seen other youtube videos where it shows the preset information in addition and you can make adjustments inside the preset, it basically mirrors the screen on the rack. Is there a different editor I should be using? A firmware update I need?
  3. `Thanks for all the input guys. I am mainly thinking this though. I plan to run the Helix through my monitors for quiet time practice and using the modeling features. Then when it comes to the rest of the time I want to run just the effects in front and behind my amp and if I record it will most likely be with that setup mic'd up. I suppose I may tinker with a recording or two through helix to mac (should have mentioned that was my desktop originally but forgot). 90% of the time I will be using it with out recording but just want the option to go through FR/FR monitors on my desk when I want to use those, or the effects with my actual Mesa JP2C.
  4. My plan is to pick up a rack unit this week. I have a small home studio setup and want to place the rack unit into my rack on my desk. Then connect the rack unit to my Focusrite via USB and run it through my monitors on my desk. In addition I would like to connect it to my Mesa head as well and use it as an effects unit for my amp or through my FR/FR monitors depending on my need. Is this a pretty straight forward setup that will work with out hiccups? Or will the unit struggle to run smoothly with a dual connection setup?
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