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  1. Okay so I am using my helixfloor in combination with a Mesa Boogie TC-50. It is connected in a 4 cable method with midi to switch amp channels and turn my reverb on and off and some other stuff on the amp. I have the Helix setup in snapshot mode and each snapshot send there own midi parameters to the amp. This is working absolutely amazing for me. This way I can get the most out of my amp without having to use the switch it came with. But now when I upgrade to firmware version 3.11 I get major issues on the midi part. Instant switching of the amp channels does not work anymore there is a hugh delay in midi parameters been sending out from the helix ( I am talking up to 5sec and longer). The helix sends midi signals out faster when there is no sound from the guitar going in to the helix. This is a major issue for me because I need the switching to be instant as soon as I hit the switch I need to be playing. For example when I come from my lead channel and want my clean channel I dont want a distorted amp sound. I tried everything for example after update set everything to factory settings, change midi cc's to avoid known issues in the release note, making sure instant command waiting time is setup properly set up. I tried to rebuild all my patches. But the only fix for now is running on firmware 3.10 If anyone has any ideas it would be really welcome. Because I am afraid that if this issues stays in future firmware updates I can not update anymore
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