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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I see now that tweaking the parameters on the gain effects makes a world of difference. I’m also checking against volumes with other pedals I’ve used in the past to get ball park correct levels. I see what you mean regarding headroom with the master volume. I’ll take that into consideration. Output level to Line for the amps & cabs. Thank you Oscargtr
  2. Hello! I’m a new HX Stomp user. 1 month of use. I’ve used only the effects on gigs but would like to broaden to using the amp models. I’m confused by a few things and would appreciate some help to get me on the right track: 1) Effects: Volumes seems to vary. Distortion and overdrives seem to be the toughest to balance. Any suggestions on correctly balancing levels? Should the master volume knob on the HX Stomp always be set to the max? 2) Amp & Cab models through a P.A.: I tried using an amp model & separate cab model through a P.A. in a well equipped Club and the FOH guy said the volume signal was loud but not loud enough. “A bit thin” in his words. I set my Input level to “Line” as tutorials explained. Am I suppose to set both Input and Output to “Line”? Thank you in advance for suggestions Oscargtr
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