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    Transfer patches from one amp to another

    I also have two Spider 75s. Whenever I have to modify a preset on a gig, I load the presets into the other amp for backup. I've had both 75s since 2014 or so....and 5-6 years is about when all that proprietary software starts to glitch out (that's exactly what happened to my Fender Cyber Deluxes). So if it's not possible to transfer my presets to the next generation (which is looking like the Spider V 120 watt), then I have to recreate all my most used presets. Please tell me there's a workaround.... And while we're at it: WHY is the master volume level not pre-settable? For orchestral and theater pit gigs, consistency is absolutely essential. Every night I have to double check the master volume level to make sure it's at the same volume level as it was during the previous show. The smallest disturbance to that pot will result in a potentially huge level change. This is even more problematic because the db increase over the the throw of the pot is not linear. You get nothing...nothing...nothing....a little....and then +60db (my subjective assessment) by moving the master volume pot just a tiny bit. Wouldn't it be a easy software modification to make the master volume preset-able? Or at least install a logarithmic pot so that the db increase would be consistent? Except for the aforementioned problems, I really love this amp. It's extremely adaptable, the sounds are great, it's easily programmable, and it's very dependable. I use it in many different kinds of situations and it always delivers. But the non-transferrable presets and the master volume issues are killing me....