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  1. I have two Spider IV 150 HDs, one I use, the other I have in case I blow the first one up. I want to maintain compatibility between the user presets (the patches I wrote and assigned) from one amp to the other. I've seen people mention Spider IV Edit and customtone. Is this possible, to "port" the settings from one to another, I'm thinking upload and download? If so, will you please point me to the documentation and/or firmware that facilitates this? Thanks.
  2. I deliberately set my patches up with the channel volume cranked up pretty high and/or use of the Boost & Eq and/or using the Boost in Active On mode. Tone is still great, and it's easier to keep up when I set the patches this way. 8 o'clock is okay for practicing during the evening, 9 o'clock is good for practicing during the day when you don't have to worry about waking anyone, and 10 o'clock is furious! I had lots of problems setting the channel volume too low and not getting the kind of power that lives in the 150. I have the 75, but I lined out stereo to a power amp, then to two Marshall MX412A cabs. It was okay, but I had the 75 that has only one speaker, and I detest playing through one speaker, so I don't use the 75...
  3. Short answer: scavenge a couple Spider Valve 112s with good speakers and run it through 'em. Gets good and loud, but probably too small in the long run. I have two Spider Valve 112s whose chassis bit the dust. Badly. Rather than scotch the entire thing, I ripped the chassis out and kept the speakers and cabs. I have a Spider IV 150 HD. I run into the two cabs and get lots of power. Both speakers are Celestion Vintage 30, 8 ohms, rated 60Wrms apiece. I haven't blown them up yet, but if I push them really hard, I think the cabs will implode. This is my "home" and "small" setup, where I don't need or want to be able to blow the back wall off my house. I use two Marshall MX412As for "real," they're 16 ohms mono/8 ohms stereo. I haven't noticed a lack of power at all. For the first time, I CAN be the loudest guy in the band, but I don't roll like that.
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