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  1. Thanks buddy I’ll give it a shot. I’d like to trade up, I’ve completely lost faith in proprietary batteries on the G10. I’ll report back.
  2. I have a Relay G10 which I bought it in October 2018. It's been either in my guitar being used, or in the charging cradle, plugged in, in that period of time. Very recently, it's dropped from more than an hour (don't know exactly, but I normally play for max an hour at a time), to about 7 minutes before it flashes Red and dies. I'll check but I don't think there's even a brief flash of Orange before it dies. I have the box and receipts, I don't think I registered it at the time of purchase. Does anyone know if this is a common situation, or if I have any comeback? I've done a firmware update om transmitter and receiver and it didn't help. Thanks friends.
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