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  1. Hello, I tried all the heavy hitters and nothing comes close its like being there hard to explain but theres something very cool going on here - well done Line6 - when expression pedal support is added that will be icing on the cake. thanks alexsunny
  2. Hello, I've been recording in Cubase 7 for a few months now using Pod Farm 2.56 and all of a sudden I'm not getting any tones when I load up the Pod Farm plug in in Cubase. When I load up the tuner specifically, I get a message saying: "Error code 80007007. Can not conect to driver streaming engine". According to the Line 6 Monkey, everything is still up to date... How might I fix this problem? thanks iosman _________________________________ https://bestcordlessvacuumx.com
  3. Hello, Whenever I play through the front Instrument inputs (either input, pad on or off, any instrument, any cable), I get an up-and-down volume effect on notes that are held. It sounds as if a compressor is in between my instrument and the UX8, and it's throbbing/pulsing. I get this response regardless of whether I'm using PODFarm, some other virtual rig, or recording dry tracks. The attached MP3 is recorded 100% dry signal - you'll hear the pulsing volume at least twice. thanks iosman _____________________________ tweakbox tweakbox tweakbox
  4. Hello, I have few questions. 1) I bought UX2 and i get with this POD Farm 2.5. I want to buy Platinum version, do i have to buy normal Platinum version or platinum version upgrade from Standard 2.5 to Platinum 2.5 ? 2) And do i have to registrate my POD Farm 2.5 that i get with UX2 (i already registrated UX2) ? 3) Its Metal shop and other packs included in platinum version ? 4) Its possible to send me only registration number for platinum version on my email after purchase ? thanks iosman ________________________ 12v Air Compressor
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