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  1. I know this is an old thread, but last night I was curious if this would work, using the Helix as an interface to my pc for RS, and I found this thread. Looking like it was a dead end, I started playing with it, and I got it to work perfectly. I created a "rocksmith" patch with two paths, one with my amp sims and distortion with an output to my XLRs, then a second clean path with output to the USB 1/2 out. Plugged the Helix LT into my pc with the normal USB A-B cable, selected input microphone in my PC audio settings, speaker output as my tv, and then set up RS to use the microphone instead of the real tone cable. Worked perfectly. No lag that I could notice, plus I'm using the Helix for the guitar sounds but I still get the music and background "backing tracks" from RS through to my TV speakers. I could have also routed the RS to my XLR's by adding a send/return loop to the first path. Maybe this will help someone else looking to do this.
  2. nice. I subscribed to your channel
  3. Actually, they just added the ability to play back tracks using the looper in the latest firmware... I haven't tried it, but that is one of the new features. I have the Pedalboard now, but I'm sending it back. I bought a used one, and as soon as I updated the firmware, it crashed and I had a hell of a time getting it to work again, so I bought a new one and a LT at the same time to compare, but the LT seems to be much better polished. But thank you for the idea of going through the return, I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere else!
  4. ahh, ok, thanks!. The Headrush allows up to 20 minutes per loop. There are VERY few things that the HR can do that the Helix can't, but I guess this is one of them.
  5. Guys, brand new to Helix, just got my LT last Friday, and still quite staggered by the options. I'm actually in the middle of comparing it to a Headrush Pedalboard, and have a question. On the Headrush, it will let you load backing tracks directly to the looper, and let you play along that way. Does the Helix allow that? Right now, as I understand it, the only way you can play backing tracks through the Helix is by connecting your laptop (or phone) through the USB connection. So far I'm really enjoying the Helix, it is lightyears ahead of the Headrush, but the Headrush has a few minor things that I wish the Helix could do (touchscreen not withstanding).
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