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  1. Update. OK..So I tried out from scratch..(as opposed tweaking an existing preset that I use for recording).. Actually liked the head vs the preamp (Cali MK IV Lead) for some reason..Definitely have to use your ears vs your eyes to dial things in... I also had to use a boost in the front (Tina or other..still trying different ones..) to get the "chewi-ness" of the real amp.. I will say that it is getting closer soundwise, CERTAINLY a useable inspiring sound...The "feel" is still up for debate, but that's is subjective...It's got a bit of that solid state feel, but is expected... the tube power section of my Boogie makes up for it...I'm sure it's only going to get better. Thanks Phil_M.. Super impressed.
  2. I'm working my way through different models (there's a lot..) .. I was just taking my favorite presets (all custom bla bla..Some Choptones, some my own..A few different amps, none being the MKIV..) and taking off the cab sim/IR, and tweak from there.. I'm now going to start fresh and just AB my real amp and go from there..Thanks for the fresh perspective.. BTW..I would have to say this is unique to that super high-gain tight dropped tone (Think Periphery..Light the Torch..)...All the other tones (which I don't use, but have fun playing thru) are great! (Fender clean.fender pushed, plexi, ..) I'll report back...
  3. Still not having the greatest of luck...Long story short, the magic that I get from HX stomp direct for recording ...just awesome responsive tight focussed high -gain (Natural and inspiring!!)..I cannot replicate this through a tube amp (via the front or fx return..) Even tried pre-amp vs full amp, etc... That's ok...I didn't purchase it for this reason (Although now may be a deal breaker)..
  4. No video here, but I can tell you spending $9.95 on some Ownhammer V30 IR's (high gain) will take your Helix to the next level..More natural sounding feeling...I tend to use Badonk or Fire amps...Turning the Sag down to .5-2.0 works, as well as knocking the bass down to 2-4 (Everybody sounds different on the same amp)..I also think the answer will be in some type of compression, but I haven't had the need to go there (personally) yet....I see a lot of Youtubers using compression at the end of the signal chain to smooth and tighten as well...?
  5. I tried both...(only on a few..)..I couldn't tell any difference.. I will keep trying all of the different pre-amps.. Thanks!
  6. Plugged my HX stomp into the effects rtn of my Boogie MK IV (I only use same custom IR as my real cab-(MESA os V30 4 x 12)..(od curse tun off IR when doing this)...Sounds are not even close, really difficult to dial in tightness, dial out mushiness (Hi gain)..Direct (with IR on) it sound GREAT!! , but for live with a band, (IM not doing the FRFR..hate it...) where I need to push some air, it's not happening.. I'm actually getting better sounds into the front (Clean channel, EQflat on amp), but just a little better..whicjh is weird.. Not to knock the brand here (I think all are great), but the Axe FX AX-8 was CRUSHING thru the effects loop, stellar beyond my expectations (Hate the interface on the screen..bad eyes.>) So I got aKemper Power Head...that had no issues, but $$ was, so I sod and got the HX Stomp) ... Any thoughts on this?Is there some secret trick or button Im not using? I'm pretty up to speed with being able to adjust all the settings/AMp combos, etc...Spent a lot of time with it..Just trying to get an inspiring useful tone (Again, no p.a., nor FRFR) as I get dierct with the HX. Maybe my expectaiions are too high? Regardless, I think the HX Stomp is pretty amazing for all that it does..
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