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  1. @Lordloen I had the same issue, what you need to do is download the Line6 updater software in order to install the update. http://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=7022 Then you can select the .tmf file I had installed the firmware update at least ten times to no avail. Then I finally did a factory reset (hold down the volume knob and tone button while turning the power on) and it seems to be fine now. Only pain in the lollipop was having to reinstall my tones from the app.
  2. My Amplifi 150 is now a brick, too. I've had the amp for a few months and it has only been used maybe four times, and never moved from the air-conditioned studio that it resides in. I've tried to update multiple times via both USB connection on my Mac and iPhone—alas, it's still a brick. I have a gig coming up and am now very hesitant to trust it.
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