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  1. I've been using my M13 for a couple months now and generally love it. But I cannot figure out how to get a volume boost for a solo without using an overdrive or distortion effect. Often I want to do a clean solo, perhaps with just some delay or phaser. But those types of effects don't have a gain or output level parameter that I can adjust to boost my signal loud enough for a solo. Am I missing something? Is there some type of "transparent" effect that has an output level parameter I can use for a "clean boost"? Is there some overall setting/preference I should be tweaking? I don't have a volume pedal and I don't want to be dependent on an expression pedal for this. I want to be able to hit one foot switch and not have to do the pedal dance. I run a mono set up, simple input/output with a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV. Thanks for the help and suggestions.
  2. Newbie Here. Just got an HX Effects. I have one seemingly really basic question and then another more complicated one... When I create a new preset, I cannot figure out how to turn it off/bypass it? Hitting the foot switch doesn't do anything. That seems odd. The only thing I can do is switch to another preset. And I suppose I could create a preset with no effects on, but that seems like a real waste of a foot switch. What am I missing? And... I want to be able to assign each of the 6 foot switches a preset where each preset uses a combination of effects (not just one effect per switch). For example switch 1 has OD and Phaser, switch 2 has Chorus and Delay, Switch 3 has OD and Delay, etc... And then I'd like to be able to save and recall this selection of 6 tones/footswtiches. I understand how to combine individual effects to create presets But it seems that I can only have 4 presets showing at one time since the other 2 switches are used for bank up and down. Is that correct? (And then I go back up to my original question about turning any of these 4 on and off). I looked into using snapshots and that seems like one way to accomplish this but again, only 4 at time, right? Ultimately, I am trying to accomplish something similar to what the M13 can do in Latch Scene mode where you can have 12 different switches each with a different sound containing 4 effects. Then you can easily switch between any of those 12 tones. Can I do this with 6 foot switches on the HX effects? Thanks!!
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