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  1. bryharmor

    Firmware and app update?

    Well I finally got my firehawk updated... when I tried the USB method, in about a 2 second I got the fail message it said "From version: null to version: null" with a message below stating "Updater software is not adding the version parameters, so these instructions may be incomplete - Please file a bug." When I turned it on again, 4 flashing red lights (A,B,C,D). Tried a factory reset... didn't work. Unistalled drivers and usb app, reinstalled. Nothing seemed to work with the USB app (it did recognize the pedal when I turned it on with holding A & C) but I always got the error above trying to flash (immediately). I tried to connect to my Tab3 (Andriod) but it wouldn't find the device though it said it was connected and the bluetooth light wasn't lit. The tab would start the sync but then op up with a message telling me it disconnected. On a whim the next day I tried my iPhone. The key for me was to delete the pairing and re-pair the device (display had only v1.01.0 showing) while the 4 lights were blinking (held the bluetooth button to get the fast flashing light for pairing) and then it went solid. When I opened the app on the iphone it told me that there was an update, and I followed the dialogs through the iPhone. Over an hour or two later it was done... the Updating... reached something like 3995 (seemed like each tick was 1.25 seconds) before I got the success message. It told me to factory reset and now I am up and running. Have to spend a few hours moving and replacing patches again...
  2. bryharmor

    Firehawk Now Playing on android not showing songs

    Think i figured it out... I need to go to Music Library on the firehawk menu select a song... the go to Now Playing. I thought it would pull in from the Music app outside of remote app.
  3. I just got the Firehawk and was fiddling with the remote app on my iPhone. I then decided to use a larger interface and grabbed my Galaxy Tab3 (Android). I was trying to see if I could use the Now Playing song to match possible patches (which worked on the iPhone). When i go to the Now Playing in the remote app on my tablet... it doesn't appear to find any songs on the device (even if i am plying a song in the background). Is this an iOS only feature right now? Thanks, Bryan