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  1. I have a ticket on the issue too. The problem is my joystick doesn’t work even with a quick press but all other functions with it seem fine. Other members have pointed out that if you revert to v. 2.7 the problem goes away so it’s very unlikely there is a solder fault. The tech did tell me that there was a deliberate feature on v2.80 to set the stick so a quick tap was all that’s needed. In my case none of that works! M
  2. Do line 6 actually read any of these forum problems. I have a ticket on this and they don’t seem to know about any of it!?. i need mine working like it used to!! Over to you line6!,
  3. Did anyone really sort this problem out. It has to be upgrade dependent surely??
  4. Thanks for your help. I’ve put a ticket in about the joystick. This seems to have happened to a lot of people!
  5. Have tried all sorts! Long short double etc etc.. anyone know what’s wrong??
  6. Do have another problem now tho. Pressing joystick no longer brings up the model list. I heard this is a problem but can’t see any fixes. Switched to model moe made no difference. Gobble gobble.
  7. This turkey has done it and got all his presets etc in place!!
  8. Problem is the instruction say that the hx edit 2.82 MUST be loaded before the firmware.
  9. Hi thanks but not sure what you mean by FW. I’m not very sure about these things!, cheers m
  10. Hi. I have a helix with version 1.04.3 on it.i downloaded HXedit for this and backed up my presets. No problem. Then downloaded HX edit 2.82 opens but now get the message connection interrupted. Anyone know what’s wrong?
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