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  1. After buying my Helix LT I spent an outrageous amount of time on forums and on YouTube to learn tips and tricks that would make the experience with this hardware satisfying. I have a text file with all the most useful (to me) infos I have found in 2 years, and of course I made hundreds of presets and experiments, I played the Helix in studio and live and tweaked the hell out of it. So, when I saw this book for sale I thought it was useless to me. Nevertheless I gave it a try, and I am amazed how much useful stuff I am finding in it! This is an invaluable work for any serious Helix user. Chapeaux @craiganderton, a great, great book! Thank you!
  2. I seem to be having this problem too, and I have 2.82 fw installed. I was working on an 8-snapshot patch that contained the LA Studio Comp and the Red Squeeze too. All of a sudden, while editing, almost all the settings of almost every block turned to some previous state (Default values mostly). I had a clean snapshot, crunch, distorsion, lead and more, and I ended up with 8 almost identical snapshots. The outputs were set up all different, and they all ended up at +0.9 dB, that sounds like a very random value, or maybe it was the value one of the snapshots had, not sure about it. I started all over again and after some time it happened again, 4 times in total. I was editing with HX Edit on my Mac. I can't say for sure what was that triggered the reset. I did everything back again directly on the Helix LT, and I think that the issue did not show up, but I am still not completely sure, sometimes I had the impression that I had to move some knobs more than once. I haven't booted the Helix again after all was set, so I can't say if the problem persists. All of my presets have the LA comp at the end of the chain, like others commented, so all of my patches might have had the same problem and I still haven't realized it. I'll have to check. What's for sure is that the LA comp was on the patch I was working on today. I am a new Helix user, and this is my first modeler (I have always been a tube amps+stompboxes kind of guy). I have to confess that the temptation to sell it and go back to analog is strong at the moment. So much work is involved in building patches, and of course you rely heavily on them. If such a problem happens right before a gig, what can you do?
  3. Thanks for sharing your workaround! I also ended up thinking the issue was related to EX Edit, though in my case what also happened is that the preset rebuilding procedure screwed up the preset folders in the Helix (no HX Edit involved here)... after rebooting, the presets in folder 3 got copied into folder 2, and the only preset that was into folder 2 disappeared. And folder 3 was unusable due to the error 8201.
  4. Same problem here. Brand new Helix LT, so I lost just few hours of work, but I am a bit worried the Helix firmware is unreliable. The reset with 10+11 switches pressed did not help, I had to reset the unit (keeping IRs) to get back to a normal situation. The problem was that the folder that started to give the 8201 error was kind of corrupted, no operation could be performed without getting error messages on the Mac. All preset names on that folder had returned to be Preset 1, Preset 2 etc, but the previously saved presets were actually there. It kept The backup from working too. And the folder content on the Mac was not the same I had on the unit. I really want the Helix to be a keeper, but this software issue makes me worry. Please Line6, release a firmware patch and solve this problem!
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