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  1. Ah, apologies. In that case please ignore!
  2. Hi Adrian, I use an outboard delay and reverb with my HXFX. I just use the stereo outs from the HXFX unit into the delay, then the same from the delay into the reverb. That means that the main outs from the whole setup are then from the reverb as it's the very last thing in the chain. I know this limits the placement of those effects, but I always want them at the end anyway (plus, I can always use the built in ones if I want to move reverb and delay around in the chain). I didn't want to add them to a loop as I'd lose the stereo effect from them both (at least, I think I would as it's one cable out and one in for the loops). Hope that helps.
  3. I use a CIOKS DC7 - each outlet supports 660mA, so two of them combined is enough to power it
  4. Hello all, I'm wondering what you all think about adding things like modulation after the amp/cab - essentially in post? I'm hoping a studio person can step in and enlighten me. The reason I ask is due to my setup... I have distortions/preamps being fed into a Torpedo CAB M, which is all in one loop of the HX effects - this essentially means I have all of the amp in a loop. This works well for adding HX Effects drives before the loop, and delays and reverbs after it. All good! But, is adding things like flangers and chorus after the loop (essentially after the amp/cab) the same as adding it into an amps effects loop? Is this what studio engineers do all the time? I could separate the CAB M into it's own loop, splitting the preamp and poweramp and put the effects in-between just like a regular effects loop in an amp, but that would take up another block, plus I like the simplicity of having it all in line (same applies for using the IRs in the HX Effects). So, is it the same adding effects after the amp in post? Or is there a difference by putting them in-between the preamp and poweramp? Thanks for your thoughts!
  5. Hello all, I'm really hoping that somebody can help me order my pedalboard (and my thoughts on this!). I've been going through so many various ways in my head to hook these pedals up that I'm getting very lost and confused. Here's the situation - I have the following pedals, and I would like to know how best to connect these up whilst taking best advantage of them all if possible. RevivalDrive Preamp, Torpedo CAB M (Poweramp/Cab), Line 6 HX Effects, Strymon Volante That's it! 4 pedals and I'm so lost, but it's because there's so much flexibility. Do I put the Preamp and Cab in one loop into the HX effects? That would give me the option of moving them around and putting drives and effects from the HX pre/post which I want. Then what about the Volante? I don't want that in a loop as it would lose the stereo functionality, so do I go from the main out on the HX effects into Volante, then I can use the main outs from that? It means it is always at the end of the chain but I can live with that I think. As an aside, I'd like to use headphones occasionally - does anyone know if the stereo outs from the Volante (or any pedal I guess) could function as a headphone out? I can get an adapter that does L/R to 1/4 inch female so I can get it to fit, just don't know if it would sound good. Normally I'd be going to monitors. Anyway - How would you guys wire these up? Part of me is thinking that the Torpedao CAB M is redundant as there is an IR loader in the HX Effects... But the Torpedo is so cool and I want to take advantage of it. Thanks guys
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