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  1. Same here. Opened a ticket last Saturday March 14. Still waiting for a reply from Line6...
  2. I opened a support ticket. After the update the battery actually runs out after 3 hours, already tested 3 days of playing. Before the update the battery works for 6+ hours in the last year without any issue. If this is the "normal" effect of the new firmware / overheat fix, this is NOT acceptable at all. There isn't also any advice on this or specification on the firmware release notes, Line6 just say that fix the overheat, but not HOW actually this is done. If Line6 has sold defected units for 4 years, needs to refund the customers or send a new replacement units, not just cut in half the performance of the product. Anyway, I'll waiting for a support ticket reply in order to evaluate the situation. I was a very happy G10 (loved it so much) customer until this new firmware.
  3. Agree with @cruisinon2 100%. I bought the G10 for the over 6 hours battery specification (actually in place on the official specifications for the product). If an issue occurred on the production line, Line6 can't just release a new firmware that cut its performance by 50% because this is NOT a valid fix. I want a full refund or a new replacement unit if you force me to upgrade a firmware WITHOUT any advice on the limited battery after the upgrade due to overheating problem. It's not a cheap unit that we can somehow understand this situation, I repeat myself, if Line6 discovered a production issue on every G10 on the market on the last 4 years, they need to provide a valid fix or a replacement for all customer impacted on this issue, not just cut in half the performance of the product wihtout any advice. Anyway, I'm waiting for the supporto ticket reply and then I'll evaluate what to do.
  4. Support ticket opened yesteday, thanks. Yesterday I tried to flash again both the dock and the transmitter. Again, update succesfully. After just 3 hours of play, the transimitter begins to blink red. After 25 minutes of red it goes off. After docking it, it start blink red for 5-10 minutes and then begins to blink green. Now it begins to blink red for a couple of minutes, then green and so on. After just 1 hour to stay solid green. Today I used it again, same story. 3 hours of play then red blinking. 27 minutes of red blinking and then power off at all! Latest update broke something for sure, please somebody has the old firmware 1.00 and 1.04 in order to try a rollback/downgrade? On the Line6 updater now it's only available the latest (broken) one
  5. I had no issue since 1 year. Tonight as adviced I updated my G10 and base to latest versions (1.01 and 1.05) and some problems begins: 1) Once i put the transimetter into the base, it start blinking red for a while. Then begin blinking green as usual. Never happened before. 2) While charging (blinking green) sometimes it begins to blink red again for a while, then back to blinking green and so on. 3) After the full charge complete, solid green, I played the guitar for less than 2 hours and the transimetter started blinking red as discharged! Usually I can play a lot more time over 5 hours without any issue!!! 4) Put in charge again after red blinking during play...now after 30 minutes it's solid green. How is it possible??? It usually takes a couple of hours of charge after red blinking advice! 5) Now again, after couple of minutes solid green into the base, it begins blinking green AGAIN. Please let me downgrade to 1.00 and 1.04 or send me a new replacement unit because the latest update broke something. I really loved my G10, I'm so angry about this issue.
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