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  1. Well a little help to all, I wake up my TonePort UX1 in big sur - very simple , I reconnect sount card to other port and inducator in card On GREEN And then simple restart computer, then UX1 present in system and perfect work Just try re plug in to other usb ports I have Hackintosh in Z490 and Intel precessor i9
  2. this is bulllollipop support put at us a big lollipop !!!
  3. they are put of us a big DIkCCcc ))) they won’t be anything, we must understand that they received money for us and now we are lollipop for them, tell others ))) or u are still trust, in that look this forum )))) ???
  4. line6 put to us and questions diск))) bull $hit support !!!
  5. Hello so when will be resolve this problem with Catalina ?
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