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  1. Hey all I got a G90 Relay wireless unit and honestly I could not be more thrilled to have it! It sounds really good, I have not run into any major problems with it yet (*currently knocking on wood*). The only thing that I have run into was dropouts, which I have seen is a pretty popular problem with the Relay wireless units, but they are not constant. I am only experiencing dropouts when I am moving around and jumping on stage. Not when I am walking away from the unit necessarily, but just when I am jumping around. I am running on RF1 mode; it has been the best setting for my wireless system personally, and I have two transmitters, one main and one backup. I also only have the two antennas in the C & D slots, which the correlating settings set for only antennas C & D (A & B are not on). Maybe it's the cable I am using? Maybe I should add two more antennas to the back of the unit? Or maybe it is just the mere fact that I am putting the transmitter through a lot of stress by jumping around lol. Anyways, if anyone else has run into this similar issue, let me know!
  2. Okay, so I am fairly new to using my Helix Rack, I got it back in January. I updated my Helix Rack to 2.90 the other day and I have been having constant problems that do not seem to be getting resolved... if anything they are getting worse. I use my Helix as part of my guitar rig, using the 4CM to hook up the Helix to my amp, and then the helix is MIDI controlling the amp as well. I have an external noise gate that my guitar goes into first before the Helix if that helps too. Before updating to 2.90, everything worked perfectly, I never had a hiccup. Ever since I updated to 2.90, my Helix has been freezing on me and is not recognizing an input, which then disables the built-in tuner. I have tried unplugging everything and plugging it back in, I did a hard-boot and mass reset, but nothing is working. All I have been doing is shutting the Helix on and off about 10 times before it starts to actually work and I am SICK of it. Does anyone have any idea on what I should do???
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