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  1. I just purchased the JTV-59 Tobacco sunburst from Sweetwater scratch & dent sale, about $1100 including tax, plus free shipping and 0% interest for 24 months. I needed a dedicated E flat guitar and this is an obvious solution. It was either this or a used US Strat. Are there any tips or suggestions that I should do when setting up my presets for the Variax? Does the string gage and type still have an effect on the tone when using the modeling? Thanks again for all of your input!
  2. Just a quick question, I live in Conesus about 20 minutes south of Rochester, I would love to come out and see you play, and hear what the Variax sounds like live. It sure looks like you have a great setup! Mike
  3. I'm still convinced that if I keep practicing, my name will become synonyms with SRV, Clapton and Gary Moore! Problem is I'm 61 and just need another 20 years or so...no problem. I'll headline at MSG with you!
  4. Buy the way, these look great! And that arch top, WOW! Thats a beautiful instrument!
  5. I absolutely agree, I said I understand it, not that I would spend my money that way!!
  6. You're right! I think the last electric I bought was in '98. The import guitars I see now from all makers in the introductory price range, are by far, head and shoulders above the stuff that we had to struggle with when starting out. I've always said that the worst Xmas present I ever got from my parents was an electric guitar and amp from a local "box" store. I think it was a brand call Heit. Worst piece of S*!% I ever saw. It actually made me give up the idea of playing guitar for years until I was a teenager and played a friends guitar he got from a music shop..
  7. OK, now I get it. "Made to order" makes the price difference from the standard understandable, and also explains the inability to purchase from stock. Thanks.
  8. Why are the US versions so difficult to find? If making a purchase based solely on price, would you put the US Variax in the same league as a custom shop Fender? or PRS or Memphis made Gibson? I know the electronics are a selling point, but the axe has to play and feel as good as other similarly priced guitars. The "bells and whistles" won't make up for other shortcomings. Just wondering...
  9. Well that is so disappointing. With my Helix, PC+ and wireless, I have been nothing but impressed with Line 6 products, from the performance, to build quality and especially there continued updates after the purchase. What a "black eye" for an otherwise stellar company! I can't see buying a new guitar then replacing the neck, plus I've heard negative comments about other components. And it sounds like the money for the US models might be better spent elsewhere. What a shame, to be so forward thinking with most products and so, mediocre at best, with others. Maybe their guitar line belongs in the R&D department until they can produce a product better suited to the rest of their line.
  10. I recently began looking at the Variax as my next guitar purchase. I use a Helix floor and PC+ now, I'm curious about the possibilities...but, I'm a little confused and need some advice and direction. I have been playing for over 50 years and have acquired a taste for finely made instruments, I play a Gibson 335, 90's Thinline tele and a Guild 12 string. Not to sound like a guitar snob, but I pretty sure if I bought a Korean made guitar I would be disappointed. I wouldn't but a MIM Fender, Fortunately my finances allow me that luxury after retiring. Anyway...The information on the US made Variax(s) is a little confusing. Are they made by Yamaha now? James Tyler? Sweetwater, GC and even this site have little or no info, (this site has only one US model listed). I'm just looking for a little clarity on the status at this time, availability and where one can be purchased, Thanks
  11. I'm not familiar with the MC8, I'm definitely going to look into it. So if I understand you correct...with the MC8, I can use the helix floor in a similar fashion as the helix rack, using just the MC8 and exp pedal as my pedalboard and the helix itself can be located remotely with my wireless, etc. behind my PC+ cabinet? And I can also connect my exp pedal, (wah), to the MC8, so a midi cable is all that runs from my location to the helix off stage? Do you have the MC8 programmed similar to the helix controls, with presets up/down, snapshots and stomp box modes?
  12. Due to mobility issues, I keep my helix on a stand next to my right hand. I have become really efficient at "smacking" the switches quickly with my picking hand,. With the exception of two conditions, having the helix off the floor works great for me. First the wah... I have an expression pedal connected via exp3, second is using the record button for the 6 button looper...I'm just not fast enough without causing a second or two of dead air! My question; Is it possible to reassign the record button to a on/off remote foot switch? If so, how? Thanks as always, Mike
  13. I would like to know the easiest way to use the helix as a vocal processor and at the same time, using it with my guitar. I played around with making a new preset specifically for the mic, changed the global commands as necessary, everything sounds great. But...how do I incorporate that with my guitar? Is it necessary to add the mic input to each of my presets? If so, all my presets require both input lines, how do I fit the mic in the preset? Thanks as always for your help. Mike
  14. I've reached the point where all my presets and snapshots are setup properly, with the right effects, levels etc. The only thing I haven't tried yet is changing presets with IRS and use the speaker simulation in the PC+. I also haven't tried to change my speaker cabinets. I've played around with the mics and their distance a little and have chosen my favorite few. I was wondering what the majority of PC+ users find most realistic. I'm trying to save a lot of trial and error and maybe learn from your experiences. Im sure as always it comes down to what sounds best to me...but are there general rules that some of you follow when choosing between IRS, speaker sim, type of amp, (combo or separate speaker enclosure(s)). I really don't have the time at this point to continually conduct A/B comparisons. Just hoping for a little direction and advise before I open the "can of worms". Thanks, Mike
  15. Thank you so much, you just made my life a little easier!
  16. I understand, I never got involved in changing those parameters before. I have a special situation. I keep my Helix on a stand due to a back injury which prevents full motion. I always keep the big knob at 100%, I use it as a mute when required, it's easier for me to quickly turn the knob rather than holding the switch to engage the tuner.I have an expression pedal on the floor used solely for WAH on input exp3. Since I play from a bar stool, It would be great being able to control the PC+ volume via the Helix without the addition of another exp pedal, id love to just bump the volume up or down a bit without having to get up from my chair. Thanks as always for your assistance. Mike
  17. Did I understand you correctly? Can I reassign the BIG KNOB via MIDI to act as the Output knob for the PC+?
  18. Thank you, I had an idea that might be it. So if I understand it correctly...when you begin to set the levels in a preset you should only have the amp/boost turned on with the output block set to boost level, otherwise set to 0db. Once you set that level to where the led is yellow, you turn on each effect, one at a time, adjust it's level if necessary to maintain yellow led. And each preset should include a boost even if it is not wanted, so all presets in a non-boosted state will have the same volume. All this is done with the "big knob" at max. Kind of a brief summary...but is it correct?
  19. Hello to all, I really thought I had a good handle on setting up the PC+ clipping indicator light with my patches, but I have just encountered the following problem. If I setup my presets so the clipping indicator in solidly yellow with the occasional red flash, as recommended in the literature, then setup my snapshots with one particular snapshot dedicated to "solo". How can I boost my signal within the snapshot, without sending my signal to an undesirable clipping condition? If I reduce the preset signal so when the solo snapshot is selected it won't cause clipping, then that preset volume will be lower than my other presets without a solo boost snapshot being selected. I have my presets setup as various amp models with snapshots as different levels of drive/distortion/effects. Then I create new presets per song, with snapshots changing the sound as needed for the song. Thanks as always for all your help, Mike
  20. Thanks so much for the link...my votes in!
  21. As a last resort I'll relocate the LED to the front of the PC. Thanks for all your help. Mike
  22. Thanks for the responses, here is the reason for my question. I have the PC 15 feet or so away from the Helix, which is mounted on a stand, (for easier access to the controls, I have back issues and trying to bend over to make adjustments is out of the question). I setup the Helix with the volume knob at full as outlined as one of several ways to do this. I have my presets adjusted as outlined in the manual, where the LED on The PC is in the yellow. My problem; if I experiment with any changes to the preset, eg. scrolling thru the various amp models, there is no way to see the clipping indicator on the PC without having to continually walk back and forth while I make adjustments, Especially using the handy tilt back legs on the PC. Even with the addition of any effect added in the chain will have a effect on the input signal to the PC. Having so many different effects available to choose from is not that convenient if after every selection I have to adjust the settings to make sure I haven't increased the Helix output too much, which happens all the time. I hope my explanation is clear. Thanks again for your input.
  23. Using a Helix floor and PC+...are there any indicators available on the Helix that show then clipping is occurring? Something that mimics the LED on top of the PC+? Thanks, Mike
  24. I recently purchased a pc+, after installing the pc edit software and changing a few things my mouse died...after recharging it, my PC+ won't "boot up". It is stuck on the Line 6 logo...PC edit doesn't recognize the PC...please help! Thank you, Mike Just a further update...I have been advised by the response to my service ticket, to re-flash the firmware via updater. Unfortunately the updater won't recognize the PC+ either, I assume due to the fact that the PC+ hasn't completed loading its drivers and its "boot up" process. Still stuck on the line 6 logo. I'll update as information becomes available. I'll continue to document this in hopes that it might help someone else who encounters a similar problem.
  25. I realize now that I should have mentioned that I paid $1500 for the Helix floor from GC. I was able to get 10% off for my military service, plus a few more dollars due to my 30 plus year relationship with their store. When I was younger I always purchased extended warranties. But it seems, as everyone agrees, that the cost of the warranties has escalated to an absurd percentage to the purchase price. Plus with all the warranties I purchased, I can't remember once using one of them. Im am leaning toward canceling the extended warranty and being refunded the $250. Even though you could say that with the discounted price plus cost of the warranty is just slightly over the retail price, I'd rather be content with paying $1500 for it.
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