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    M-audio EX P setup

    I've been using my Line 6 HX Stomp with the M-Audio with a Y stereo to mono splitter jack. On the tip I have another stomp pedal for triggering the tuner (set as FS4), and on the ring I have the M-Audio EX-P (set as EXP 2). This way the wiring works fine. My problem was with getting full range. When using a Wah it's OK as it's not perceptible, but when using a Whammy/Pitch shifter the minimum position was always floating from 0% to 5%, instead staying fixed on 0%. This distorts the original pitch, which is very annoying! So I came here, found this amazing conversation and saw the resistor suggestion. In my case, I realised that shorting the resistor would give the opposite result, it'd increase the minimum position (floating from 5% to 10%), so I removed the original resistor (1K) and soldered a 4.7K in its place. With more resistance now it works perfectly!!! Phew, I almost bought another expression pedal because of this. Thanks guys, hope my solution can help others as well.
  2. After digging a bit trying to connect my software with the pedal for communication, I realised that this is documented in the manual. It's all on pages 48/49 (HX Stomp manual and not HX edit!). And to go straight to a preset, we don't use the CC, we use PC (program change). The number for each panel is shown in the stomp display under Preset List. It's great to be able to control the pedal through any MIDI software! :)
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