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  1. Thanks for the response, fflbrgst. I've bookmarked the Gator site because I'm sure it'll be helpful in the future. I did some searching online and ended up finding the perfect soft case for the FBV Express MkII. eBay listed it as "Philips Respironics Bag CPAP Machine Travel Case" and there's a bunch on the site still.
  2. I'm trying to find a good case for my FBV Express MkII. While the Line6 shop does offer a lot of cases, there's nothing for this pedal unit in particular. (And frustratingly, none of the other cases list dimensions in the item info. So I'm not sure which one could be a good fit.) Does anyone have a good case for their unit, either from Line6 or someplace else? Or know where to look? I don't just want to haul it around in the cardboard box it came in.
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