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  1. Tried it with the CAT5 cable I got with it and another one I had. Nothing looks bent in the pedal or the pod... I got it used but I made sure the guy showed me it worked on his spider amp with no problem. I had this issue before I attempted to update my pod and my pedal. Is there anyway to fix this?
  2. Hi, I picked up a Express MKII not too long ago and I havent been able to get it to work with my pod. I plug it in and the lights on the tuner flash and then thats it. I can calibrate it but still doesnt work after that. None of the buttons work/light up nor does the volume pedal. Tried a different cable and updating all the software, even factory reset my pod and still nothing. Is there something I am missing? I really only want to use the pedal for tuning and the pitch shifter effect
  3. Im also having this problem. Monkey can see it fine, everythings up to date but it can not be recognized by the pod it seems...
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