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  1. You would have to put the delay in front of the FX block. Everything on front of the FX block goes through the preamp. Everything after it goes through the amplier.
  2. Here is a diagram I did for the Helix Tech. Amp Helix Diagram.pdf
  3. Wanted to clarify, the FX Send/Receive block (blue block with up/down arrows) is where the signal is sent out from Helix to front of Amp main input. Everything before the FX Send/Receive block will go through Amp preamp phase. The signal comes back from the Amp's FX loop (back of amp) and goes back into the patch's signal path. Everything now goes out through the Helix main output to the amp FX loop return and everything (distortion, wah, amp/cab, chorus, delay) goes through the Amp's amplier phase.
  4. Line 6 provided a 7C template. Look in templates folder. You need a FX loop in/out block. This is how I set it up the cables: Guitar in> Helix Send Right>Amp 1 Input(front of Amp)>Amp 1 FX Loop Send(back of Amp)>Helix Return Right>Helix Main Out>Amp 1 FX Loop Return(back of amp). Repeat same for left side. I also sent Helix XLR out to a pair of studio monitors. I set patch like this: Set line 1 and line 2 inputs blocks both to guitar in>wah pedal>distortion pedal>noise gate>FX send/receive>amp model>cab>split block to line 1a for all modulation effects (chorus, delay, etc)>split block 1a return to line 1>compressor>parametric eq>output blocks set to multiple outputs On the 7C method template I used multi-outputs with right side panned right side 100% right and left panned 100% left. I am trying to achieve the following: send wah, distortion, Amp/cab models through my Marshall DSL40 preamp. Send modulation effects through amplifier phase only. I don't want delay, chorus, tremolo, Leslie speaker type effects being boosted by the preamp. That's why the Amp has an FX loop. I am using two Marshall DSL40's. My problem is I get unequal volume levels. The right side is fine. Left side is diminished. I took my Amp to a technician and found nothing wrong. I spoke with Helix customer service no solution. I called a Helix licensed repair tech. No one could solve this issue. One Marshall is like 7 years old the other was new last year. General consensus was a difference in the FX loop dsl processing in the older Marshall Amp compared to the new amp. I resolved the problem by boosting db's on left output block. Also note that the studio monitor left volume level was so low it was useless unless I cranked the volume on the studio monitor itself, however the problem only occurs on certain Amp models. When I use Fender Amp models I do not need to correct or boost the left side. It seems to be a problem mainly on the Marshall Amp blocks. Can't even use my studio monitors because switching between patches cause huge differences in volume. My personal opionion is Helix has a problem with various Amp models they are unwilling to acknowledge or fix.
  5. Thanks for your comments. I have tried 4C with just problem amp #2. It works just fine when disconnected from Helix with a patch cable jumping FX loop send and receive. It also works fine with an MRX overdrive pedal. I think you are correct the returns are expecting different levels of output. I am boosting the output block by 10db as a work around to balance it out. I talked to a Marshall tech this morning. He said he is going to get specs on amp and Helix LT and let me know if i have an imbalance in impedance between amp and Helix. I'll post if I figure it out.
  6. Did you ever get a response from Line 6 or figure this out? I am setting up 7C and having the exact same problem, sound is cutting out on amp #2. Disconnected from Helix and ran a cable from amps effects loop send to receive no volume loss. Put a overdrive pedal in and had no volume loss. It has to be something in the patch settings or the global settingd. I would really appreciate your help if you solved the problem.
  7. Anybody using the 7 cable method? I set 7C method up using a new Marshall DSL40CR and an older Marshall DSL40C. I want distortion/overdrive going in front of amp and modulation effects after preamp in DSL40 FX loop. Sound is cutting out substantially on newer DSL40CR. Older DSL40C working fine. Cable #1 Guitar=> Helix LT Guitar Input Cable #2 Helix LT Send #1=> Amp#1 Main Input Cable #3 Amp#1 FX Loop Send => Helix LT Return #1 Cable #4 Helix LT 1/4 Left Output => Amp#1 FX Loop Return Cable #5 Helix LT Send #2 => Amp#2 Main Input Cable #6 Amp#2 FX Loop Send => Helix LT Return #2 Cable #7 Helix LT 1/4 Right Output => Amp#2 FX Loop Return Copied 7 Cable Method patch from template. Signal Path A going to Amp#1 panned left 100%. Signal Path B going to Amp#2 panned right 100%. FX Loop block mix set to 100%. Global Settings Send/Return #1 set to instrument, Send/Return #2 set to instrument, 1/4 outputs set to Line. Signal Path A panned left to Amp#1 is working fine (older DSL40C). Signal Path B panned right to Amp#2 has signal (volume) loss in the effects loop. Signal Path A output turns green indicating signal is going out. Signal Path B output does not turn green, although I have sound. If I turn FX Loop off on Amp#2 sound increases to normal. Since Amp#1 is working fine I switched all the cables between Helix LT and Amp#1 and Amp#2. Amp#1 continues to work properly while Amp#2 continues to have sound loss. I swapped out with other cables I know are good so I am sure it is not a problem with cables. I disconnected from Helix LT and jumped a cable between send and receive on the Amp#2 FX Loop. Sound volume level remained the same with FX Loop on and off. I also ran a pedal in the FX loop and had no sound loss. I took Amp#2 to a skilled Amp technician. The guy builds his own Amps so I know he is qualified and competent. He cleaned Amp#2 FX Loop jacks. Checked everything and finds no problem. Are there any other settings in the patch set up or global settings I need to consider? I am sure it has something to do with the signal interfacing between Amp#2 and Helix LT. I found this on a Marshall Forum "some effects loops have a problem when an effected signal is mixed with an out of phase dry signal at the return point". I called Marshall USA and actually spoke to a technician. The Marshall tech used to own a Helix so he completely understood my issues. He said if my effects loop is workimg fine with jumping and with a separate pedal there is no problem with the amp. Its still under warranty but I have to ship it to Mississippi for them to look at it. Anyone have any ideas?
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