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  1. Perfect, thanks. I'm with the setup right now - we've switched the microphones to RF1 and the drops appear to be resolved! We will probably end up tweaking the antennas slightly (so that they're at 45° vertical-pointing rather than completely flat). Thanks for everyone's help!
  2. Unfortunately, they are... I guess we could buy one of those mini flight case racks so that they're in another rack, but the issue is that since we hire a school's Drama Hall for services, we have to pack everything up after every service. I mean, the antennas for the IEM Transmitters are on the Outside of the case, whereas the antennas for the Microphones are on the inside, but that's still too close, isn't it? I'll have a think about what we can do. But the supplier we bought all this from was 'great' about all this - they said we wouldn't have any issues at all, and here we are! I know it's not their fault that we're having issues, but we spent multiple hours with their representatives explaining our situation and they recommended all this gear because 'it won't have any issues'! Ah well, just have to figure it all out now. *Afterthought*: Might be a good idea to note that we haven't actually been using the IEMs much, since we've had this nasty static coming over the top of the output - however, would this be caused by the Mic Receivers being so close? It would explain a lot, I guess.
  3. Ah, that'll be why I couldn't find anything then! Thanks for the info, I wasn't sure whether it'd work or not. As I've said before, I'll let you know how it goes!
  4. Hi, indeed the antennas are flat. I will try a 45° angle during Setup on Sunday. I will ask whether we can move the chairs on the row in front of the rack down a tier. I've been trying to find instructions on how to switch the Microphones and Receivers from RF2 to RF1, but have been unsuccessful in doing so - I've found instructions for the microphones, it's just the receivers. Any idea whether I can switch them to RF1, and if so, how? Thanks for your help, I'll keep you posted on what happens.
  5. The room that we do services in has 3 steppy kind of tiers (maybe a metre wide, only rising by about 60-70cm each time, not like a theatre), our Rack is positioned on the top tier. They're probably about 6-6.5ft above the floor of the stage, and the rack is at the front of the step - it's easier if I just show a diagram, I'm not good with words. (I know it looks like it was drawn by a 3 year old but I used Paint 3D with a mouse so hey) I've shown the rough height of people on each tier (standing up), as well as a rough sketch of the inside of the case. We are not aware of any routers within about 6m of the rack.
  6. Hi Sheriton, Thanks for getting back to me. Thanks for letting me know about the lack of relationship between WiFi and Line6 channels, I didn't know! I'll try and switch them to RF1 next Sunday. In regards to antenna positioning, we currently have the recievers rackmounted - with the antennas coming out the back, inside our case, very close to each other. We have been looking at getting some Coax extension cables and fixing them to the side so that they're a bit more spaced out, and will probably try to get this set up within the next couple of weeks. Our rackmount case is pretty much on the other side (diagonally) of the hall to where the musicians perform, maybe 10m or so, however I haven't noticed a massive amount of dropouts from over there (although maybe it's because there's instruments and a congregation masking any!). Where I've really been noticing issues is Centre Stage to Stage Left, when people are speaking, probably about 7-8m away from the antennas. I will try to do something with Antenna distribution as, now that you mention it, this probably will not be helping, and I'll read up on the manual a few times tomorrow. Thanks for your help, I'll let you know how it goes. -Thom
  7. I'm absolutely losing my mind here. I run the live sound desk for my local Church, and we've just upgraded from an Analogue desk setup to a fully digital one. This is our setup: Desk: Behringer X32 Compact (with the UltraNet snake box thing - I can't remember the model) Microphones: XD-V55 Wireless Mics (6 Headset, 1 Handheld) IEMs: LD Systems MEI1000G2T (UHF) The school we hire for services has been gracious enough to allow us to install Cat5 along the walls for UltraNet, however with the wireless XD-V55s, the signal keeps dropping - every 5 minutes or so, which is great when we record the Sermons to be uploaded as a podcast. Unfortunately, the school has Wireless Mesh WiFi - which conveniently runs on the 2.4GHz spectrum (the same as the mics), and conveniently spans the entire spectrum (leaving 0 channels out of the required 7 for the microphones). We can't exactly ask the school if they can turn off the WiFi, because they actively use it all the time with cameras and the like. Our Microphones currently run on (mostly) the odd numbered channels (1, 3, 5, 9, 11 and 13, with the last headset on 12), and I have no idea what frequencies the IEM transmitters are running on at the moment because it wasn't me who set them up and I haven't had a chance to look at them. Do you guys have any suggestions as to how we can mitigate these drops? I'm completely stuck here.
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