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    Van Hager Tone?

    Set-up is for wet/dry/wet. I’ve got a line level tap off of a speaker output that goes to the hxfx split stereo to a 2 channel power amp. L/R cabinets wet with a center dry cabinet. Detune anywhere between +/- 7-10 cents depending on your taste. I’m running the +/- 10 cents and like the tone for balance era. Also delays on either side, some say 250ms/500ms with one repeat. I’ve found this is a bit much and can get a little muddy so I’m running 180ms/360ms. I’m experimenting with where to put the other effects like phaser/flanger/chorus/echo that Ed uses occasionally. So far I’ve tried running them in front of the amp and in the effects loop. When I get some time I’m going to try to run them in front of the wet cabinets only.
  2. I'm trying to figure out exactly what you're wanting. If I'm correct on this, you're using a regular amp with the HXS in front, using the HXS for preamp modeling, but using the amplifier power amp and cabinet? When you say amp in is that the instrument input or the effects loop of the amp? I'm not sure if this would work or not, but the HXFX has 2 effects loops. You could run the modulation effects (chorus, flanger, etc.) in front of the preamp on the HXS, create an effects loop in the HXFX, and connect it via 4CM to the HXS by creating an effects loop in the HXS. This way your delays, reverbs, etc. will be after the preamp of the HXS, but before the power amp of your amplifier. So signal path would be: Guitar -> HXFX mono in -> HXFX mono out -> HXS mono in -> HXS Mono out -> amplifier in. I I HXFX Send (1 or 2) -------------------------HXS Return Again, I don't know if this would work or not.
  3. HX effects has models of a lot of the analog pedals I have on my board. I took a little time to A/B them one day and after a little tweaking, couldn't tell the difference. Your settings are a good place to start and adjust from there. I ran my HX in 4CM with my analog board in the effects loop of the HX.
  4. Update - The preamp out signal was too weak to use at volumes below those used to wake the dead. I ended up adding a Suhr Iso Line Out Box to tap the line out signal from the speaker output of the amp. It has a gain boost so you can raise the line out level high enough to send a signal to the effects unit. This worked like a champ.
  5. Resurrecting since no one responded. Should I go pre-amp out or use a load box and if so, what load box for 120W tube amp?
  6. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I've been searching and can't find the information I'm looking for. I'm trying to find out if I can do the following signal path with this: Guitar ----Amp-------Cabinet A - Dry I Pre-Amp out-----HX Effects (Internal signal path-----Noise Gate--------Volume Pedal--------Pitch modulation-----delay--)------Out to Power Amp input 1---------Cabinet B I I -----Pitch modulation-----delay--)------Out to Power Amp input 2----------Cabinet C I know I would have to add an expression cable for the volume pedal, but that's not a problem. I want the volume pedal in place to roll in/out the amount of wet signal. I've been running an analog rig and really don't know what I'm getting into with this stuff. I'm going to stick with my tube amps in the front, so I really don't need the amp or cabinet models of the Helix. Also, any other (analog) effects will be run through the effects loop of the amp (modulation, echo, etc.) so this is all I need it to do. Any input or knowledge shared is appreciated.
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