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  1. Hi tjbasson, which effects do you use? Do you have a video or a track that I could listen to? I am curious about the application to wind instruments
  2. Hi, I have read somewhere that with the latest 2.82 firmware we can now use every pedal (volume or expression) connecting a standard mono TS cable. Is it true? I also have watched some videos where someone used nektar and m audio expression pedals with success, but they have TRS connectors! I am a bit confused. Please help! P.S. I know that the mission engineering works, but I would prefer buying a mid priced (made of metal, not plastic) pedal, not a super expensive one!
  3. @monsieurkozo Ha ha, your should name your band Greg and the helixaphonics!
  4. Hi, I am Fabrizio D'Alisera a saxophone player from Italy, maybe it sounds weird in a guitar forum, but I'm a user of the Line 6 HX FX. I am running a mic through a small preamp and then to the hx fx. I have always been a bebop oriented player, but lately I am experimenting nu things. I will get an expression pedal to use the unit to its full potential. What do you think? I have used a delay in the first part and a bitcrusher and a pitch shifter in the second one. Here's the link
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