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  1. I've looked around for an answer but have yet to find one, so here goes... I've supplemented my HX Stomp with a Mission SP1-L6H, but I also have a single external switch; I'd like to use them so the HX Stomp's 3 switches can access Snapshots, the EXP1 can be set to the SP1-L6H and the small switch can be set as Tuner/Tap Tempo. So far, everything works with one exception: The expression pedal's toggle switch doesn't work. So when I want to use the Wah, for example, I need to stomp a switch to engage a snapshot where the Way block is "on" and THEN start rocking the expression pedal. My question is this: Is it not possible to have the expression pedal toggle the wah (or whammy, etc.) with its switch like a regular wah pedal? If it is, how do I set this up? Thanks! Chris
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