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  1. I am new to helix, I have a guitar with the ability to spilt my pickups. I have sucessfully routed my front pickup to return 1 and my bridge pickup to return 2.by programing the inputs accordingly I have built sounds that mix things like chiming delays on the front with distorted flanged sounds off the bridge. (thing I used to dream of). Is it possible to use the expression pedal (I tried without sucess using the pan block) to control how much of one channel is mixed with the other. I have been able to use the volume pedal to control one channel but I would like to mix .increase one and decrease the other while maintaing the same volume live. I am going out of the helix mono. I am a newbee to helix and any suggestions are welcome.
  2. I also have problems with verion 2.82. The unit no longer powers up consistently, meaning it hangs on power up and does not go to operating mode. After a good power up, using the default US double twin preset, I can play my guitar for about 30 seconds before the helix puts out a high pitched tone. The joy stick will go left and right and up and down but I cannot press the joy stick to open the model list (not even by going down where I could insert a new component). Without playing anything the unit starts making the high pitched noise and then the joystick quits working, at this point I cannot press home, preset, amp cab buttons. as near as I can tell one the high pitched tone hist the head phones the only things that operate are the headphone volume knob and the on off switch. Another attempt I powered up it looked normal, I heard the anoying tone right away and for a short while I could use the preset knob to get to the preset folders then that quit. If I had to guess, there is either something that went wrong in the down load or you have a problem where the processor stack crashes. Please advise on a method to resolve this. possibilities 1> 2.82 is a bad software version 2> down load had a problem 3>something else like hardware (board was working with 2.3 ok) Is there any way I can get the entire down load to my PC before starting the transfer? Internet has been unreliable at late I have only the latest edit and loader as this is a new helix (hardware was working with 2.3) Also I did perform a factory reset holding footswitches 9+10 when powering up no change .... went to anoying tone. Powered off and back on and was able to get through a 12 bar blues prior to the anoying tone. Prior to the anoying tone there was some high frequency noise that showed up. By the was I have better luck powering up if I unplug the unit after I switch off power (not sure how you switch power... anything still active?) It could be it just takes me longer to turn it back on. Attempted global reset fs5+6....one strum and then high pitched anoying tone Powered off and then back on after I was able to play 3 sets of 12 bar blues on preset 01A tried preset 01B and almost made it through a 12 bar blues before the anoying tone hit Thank you Data Commando. I was able to do a file download to my PC and then directly load the helix with 2.82. After doing a factory reset. the helix comes up and runs better as I am able to play for a while and even create presets but sometime later the helix will stop producing guitar sounds and go to a high pitched annoying tone. I have entered a support ticket and referenced this post. During the high pitched tone I can sometimes save presets and use the joysticks. This is a new helix and I did not use it much before doing the update. I do not have an older copy of download or hx edit. I was not able to down load 2.71 into the helix. I have nothing invested in older version presets so I prefer to get the latest version working. so far I have only listened to it with headphones; tonight I will output to an amplifier to see if the problem is limited to the headphone.
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