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  1. bigger helix units like the rack helix can have like 4 chains of 8 effects and i dont think there is any problem with dsp on those. If you are using 2 amps you can pretty much say goodbye to effects, i amp and most effects should be fine as long as they are not stereo tape delays and reverbs as they take up alot of dsp, and you shouldnt really have a problem with just effects unless they are like all stereo effects
  2. im looking at buying one of these and just thought about it. I want to run the efects from the stomp, into my amp, loadbox the speaker out, then go from my DI out into the cab sim. I was thinking i could run the cable i want simulated through the right in and out and pan the cab to the right, and run everything else left, then go direct from the cab sim.
  3. Im looking at buying a hx stomp at the moment. I love my drive pedals so it will only be used for modulation and some other funky stuff. If im running the basic plate reverb, my amp through 4 cable method, a delay, and every once in a while chuck in a tremolo or a chorus, maybe another drive will it be fine? I might occasionally run an amp rig into my effects return or headphone/ recording out that will probably just be a marshall, a cab, maybe a reverb, a delay, then maybe 1 or 2 other pedals, usually not have 6 effects in the same preset though. I think i might run into a problem if for a particular song i have to use all the effects but i doubt i will need all 6 on at once. Do effects use alot of DSP? Mostly the line6 default reverbs, harmonic and basic tremolo and a fuzz or 2 here and there, will it effect it that much? To be honest it will always be a reverb but i doubt i will ever need 2 effects on at once for the most part, maybe a delay and modulation but its mostly marshall and reverb and delay
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