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  1. I looked for this as well, and was unable to do it - if I understand what you're describing, you want a filter on with an automated sweep, kind of like riding a wah pedal slowly back and forth to vary the frequencies being affected? If not, apologies here... I looked for the same thing as well, and couldn't figure out a way to do it on the HX alone. To do that, I think you need a LFO of some sort to control the sweep changing. I was able to create it with a BOSS MS-3 connected to the HX, and the MS-3 has a sweep set up that's sending MIDI CC messages to the HX. My only problem with that is, the HX freezes with certain MIDI data being sent to it. When it works, it's awesome. But it freezes pretty regularly, so I while I'd love to do this with my band, I can't trust it at shows to not freeze on me. Bummer for sure, still waiting for L6 to follow up with me. :|
  2. JeffMN

    Need this tone

    agreed on the above, but I would also goose that amp model with a Scream 808 or something too - you won't get that tight of a high gain tone by just diming the gain on that model. but a properly voiced overdrive - and maybe even slight compression - will get you there!
  3. To each their own, but the Grammatico is an amazing amp in the HX - I personally love it! That's one of the awesome things about the HX is that it can be so many things to so many players. The Revv is definitely super good as well. But the Grammatico, IMO, is an AMAZING addition to this pedal. Thanks, L6!!
  4. Did you ever get this resolved? Is your unit still freezing on you? I'm seeing the same thing, it's quite annoying.
  5. So, I have an HX Stomp that I love. I have it on my board with a BOSS MS-3, and also a Morningstar MC6. I've had some issues with the HX where it 'freezes' - the UI just stops responding altogether, and the right most stomp switch turns a solid blue color, no matter what it was prior to that. The good thing is, the pedal still processes audio while the interface is frozen, but you cannot change anything (patches, snapshots, etc) while in this state - it requires a power cycle to 'reset' things. This past weekend, I was determined to figure out why this was happening, as it has been happening more frequent lately as I program my board with MIDI messaging. I can freeze my HX without fail over and over again - literally right on booting it - by just having my BOSS MS-3 send MIDI clock data, which I configure the HX to listen for. I've posted a video of this behavior here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0_WlE8nrNX In the video, I've just booted everything up, and attempt to send a PC message to the HX from the MC6. I made this video prior to discovering that if I turned off MIDI clock info from the MS-3, that the HX doesn't freeze any longer. But here, you can see it boots, but as soon as I try to change patches, the freezing happens. Again - I can do this over and over again - when MIDI clock is enabled on the BOSS. I'd prefer to keep MIDI clock enabled, as my tap tempo switch is connected to the BOSS - the MS-3 has no MIDI input, so I have it at the 'top' of the MIDI chain - MS3 -> MC6 -> HX Stomp. I've tried having the HX configured to listen on a specific MIDI channel (6) or Omni, I've tried it with and without the MC6 in the chain, it doesn't matter... it happens every time. I've opened a support request to Line 6, but I'm still waiting to hear back from them on this one. EDIT : I should also add - I updated to 2.81.0 and performed a factory reset on the device. I've loaded no backup or anything. I also cleared all presets / IRs / settings by booting it up holding all three stomp switches. This was all done prior to creating the video above, as you can see it's an entirely empty patch that I am able to get it to freeze with. Is anyone else experiencing issues like this? It is maddening. For such an amazing unit, it's discouraging that this is happening.
  6. no thoughts here? am I really the only guy doing this? cool if so, but... this confuses me greatly. any input would be appreciated!!
  7. so, I play live a lot. I love the HX Stomp, it's been a game changer for me. I run it on the left main out into a Mooer Baby Bomb 30 to a 1x12 cab, using only the amp model in the HX for this signal path. but, I thought hey... I could split the signal, and run a cab model and send that only to the right main out, right? that way I could maybe get the best of both worlds... a guitar cab on the left side for my stage monitor, but FOH would get a direct line from the right side. seems to make sense to me. however, in tweaking this morning, what I've dreamt up works... but it doesn't pan hard left and right, as I thought it would. I'm using a splitter, putting the cab block on the 'B' path, and the merge mixer pans signals hard left and right. with this setup, the cab still affects the left main out. why is this? I would think with clever panning as I'm trying, that I could achieve both. can someone explain what I may be doing wrong here, or why this won't work? thanks.
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