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  1. Wrong way to start a topic: "This Helix thing suuuucks!!!1!1!" Right way: Example1.mp3 Example2.mp3 Guys, what am I doing wrong with my Helix for it to sound THAT bad?
  2. Zelll

    Double take issue

    Yeah, maybe i should try to contact line6 team.. Thank you for your reply and tests! It was really helpful. And this detail about split point- I totally missed it!:)
  3. Zelll

    Double take issue

    Hi, Lungho! It's funny, I didn't even noticed this:) However it was just fast example of simple chain. What is more interesting- how does this preset sound on your Helix? Do you encounter the same issue with double take? Or does it sound completely similar to Native?
  4. Zelll

    Double take issue

    Hello! Can't get Double take to work properly on my HX Stomp:( Example 1 and 3 is HX Stomp. Example 2 and4 is Helix Native. One audio file reamped, one preset, same settings. Why phase issues on Stomp? Need your help! Double take.mp3 Cali Rectifire.hlx
  5. Zelll

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Hi, folks! Need your help on HX Stomp's Double Take. Something's wrong with mine. While on Helix Native i get very stable stereo image the same settings on HX Stomp give me slightly but annoyingly "floating" sound from left to center to right. And it doesn't get better with any Slop value. Preset is just Rectifier+Double take stereo. Settings, say: doubles=1, slop=0.8, Sens=5, source= mono. Is this an already known issue? Thanks! Alex
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