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  1. Yeah that's why I was curious about if you had your own fuzz, filter, overdrive, etc. Where would those go in combination with the 4CM and sound good. I also was thinking of making a separate send and return instead of the FX loop 1 method and putting a compressor or fuzz before followed by the send block and overdrives after before the return. I guess it will just take trial and error, but curious if anyone had done this yet. Thanks!
  2. Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah I pretty much do that now, but I guess I am more curious if you put a compressor block before the FX 1 loop serving as your 4CM and you put your overdrives before the guitar in or from HX effects send to amp in, where does that put those overdrives? Before that compressor block or after?
  3. Hello, When using the 4CM with the HX effects, where in the chain would you put externals pedals such as overdrives, fuzz, phaser, or modulation? Between guitar in? HX effects send to amp in? I want to mix the 4CM with my other pedals and what typically has worked well for others would be helpful. I would like to save my second effects loop if I can. Thanks!
  4. Hi folks, Just got the HX effects unit and so far it is really awesome. I like all the flexibility, routing options, and overall great sounds from the unit. I have two questions: 1. For external pedal chain order in combination with the 4CM, where do you typically put other overdrives, fuzzes, or wah? Before the guitar in or before the amp in or does it matter? Also, what about other modulation effects, filters, or synth type pedals-(I have mine in the second effects loop and that block is after the first responsible for the 4CM)? 2. I am very new to impulse responses but they are nice for recording since my amp only has one neutral clean impulse response for direct recording. I downloaded the Allure pack for free, but what are some highly regarded free or paid IR's for cabinet simulation that you like to use with the HX effects?
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