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  1. I would, but I have credit with MF, so I have to go that route :(
  2. Odd, my last reply to you guys was rejected or delayed. Ill re-post... I talked to MF as well, they have not received anything. With all the current job lose, I'm sure a large portion of the pre-sales will fall through. IMO, might be best for Line 6 to first ship to MF as their largest distributor since they are running a high risk of loosing a significant number of sales with the opposite approach.
  3. Is the release date for this still in April? I have to get it though Musicians Friend since I have credit with them. However,their site says it ships May 15th. Why is the largest reseller shipping over a month behind everyone else?
  4. Thanks for the feedback, @phil_m Can you point me to any Line 6 material that says this? I could only locate that info from another forum, but not from Line 6 them self. Not sure why it is not listed on their main page, unless I am just missing it. 40s mono/20s stereo at full speed is kind of lame. Memory is cheap, seems like an odd effect to cut corners on when a loop pedal is a highly desired. Oh well, I'm going to buy it either way, I am still super excited about this product!!! Just hope they increase the time capacity with a patch down the road.
  5. I have not seen anything in the documentation that talks about a actual recording looper or the length of available recording time. So my question is... Does the POD have a 30, 60, 90 second loop pedal built in? A recording loop so I can record tracks and play them back and jam over them, not referring to the FX loop.
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