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  1. @phil_m No - one of the blocks in question is bypassed, but the other will be on in every snapshot, with just the ability to adjust the parameters with EXP1 in a single snapshot. So it would work in one direction, but not the other. If I had one more block, I could do it this way, but as it stands, I've optimized everything as much as I possibly can. Instead of getting a second expression pedal in the short term, I will just do volume swells with my guitar knob - I always used a pedal for this, but I've gotten used to using the guitar volume pretty much now. Longer term, I'm looking at a Boss OD-200 to free up the two drive blocks and the noise gate block I'm using. That will allow me to use the method you are proposing for sure. The OD-200 is programmable and midi controllable by the Helix. It would be placed in the loop I am using right now for a Tech 21 SansAmp (my "amp" tone - clean/edge of breakup), so I would not need to use a block for another loop. It also has some key models the Helix family is still missing (Blue Driver, for example). The idea is to minimize the outboard pedals on my board and use the HX Effects to it's full ability. Just the HX Effects, SansAmp and 1 expression pedal would have been great, but unless they give us another block or two in the HX Effects, it's not going to happen. One thing that would be nice is if the input block, which is fixed with no adjustable parameters in the HX Effects, had a rudimentary noise gate like the Helix Floor does. That would free up the 1 block I'm looking for!
  2. Exactly. It would even work if I could set the min/max ranges for each parameter by snapshot - basically setting min and max to the same values for parameters each snapshot should not adjust. But that doesn't look possible either. C'mon. Line6! Boss has been able to do this since my very ancient GT-3! Edit: Oops - to be fair, that was per preset on the GT-3, snapshots or scenes did not exist. My bad!
  3. @phil_m Unless I'm missing something, it cant do exactly what I'm looking for. It can set an EXP1 initial snapshot position, but the pedal still affects all parameters and ranges in the same way in each snapshot, even when I set them differently in each snapshot and have EXP1 position set to "per snapshot". Looks like I'm going to have to make room for a second expression pedal :(
  4. @phil_m Thank you! I will try that. I am familiar with the Snapshots Edit global prefs and definitely want the "Retain" value. It doesn't matter too much for the EXP, but I need "Retain" for other settings by snapshot.
  5. Yeah - confirmed it's good with Reaper in Windows here as well.
  6. Hi all, I've been wracking my brain over this one. I almost have my entire rig set yup the way I need it. I'm just wondering if there is any way to have one EXP functions assigned by SNAPSHOT - here's what I mean: SNAPSHOT1: EXP1 adjusts multiple parameters in multiple blocks - Delay Mix. Reverb Mix, Reverb Decay SNAPSHOT2: EXP1 adjusts overall volume on a volume block and DOES NOT affect the parameters assigned in SNAPSHOT1 Is this possible? Alternatively, I'm open to using a stomp switch to "toggle" the parameters that the EXP controls, regardless of which SNAPSHOT is selected, but this scenario seems more complex and more unlikely to be supported. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
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