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  1. Yep. thats worked! Unit is now unfrozen, with factory reset...fingers crossed now re-uploading my set list. Thanks for this Data Commando. Matt
  2. Hi there,


    I just came across your comment regarding the Helix Floor freezing up (way back in 2017), and the buttons becoming inoperable until a re boot is done.


    I sadly am dealing with a permanent freeze on my helix - even when I swtich back on, the unit is still frozen, and none of the buttons provide any response.


    Short of going back to Line6, which could be expensive (i purchased used) - are there any steps I can take to revive the unit?


    THanks in advance,


    1. amsdenj


      Probably best to create a support ticket. 


  3. I have just downloaded and installed 2.9 on my Helix Floor unit and I can report my Helix Floor is now completely frozen - all buttons are inoperable, and I am unable to connect to HX Edit. This occurred about 20 minutes after updating the firmware. All seemed great at first, and then bang, frozen. As anyone else had this issue at all, with 2.9, or in general, and can anyone give any advice. Thanks, Matt
  4. I think it should be mentioned when you update - your global settings go back to factory settings - at least they did for me. (With the exception of the global EQ - that remained). Obviously you can "create backup", before updating, and save all your stuff externally to avoid catastrophe, but its worth noting if you have adjusted things in the Global Settings before updating, they get changed back to factory settings after you update and install. Example: 1. "Discard" mode for snapshots went back to "Recall" 2. 10 switches for stomp box mode went back to 8. 3. "Global" preference for EXP pedal 2 went back to "Per Preset" 4. Turning off the flashing light on tap tempo - that came back on Plus various other minor settings. Not a huge issue though. But, I did have a temporary heart attack thinking all my precious setlist settings had got screwed up!
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