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  1. Can someone tell me how to get close to his tone from The Loner? I know hi was using Marshall amps and Tube screamer as distortion pedal..but what about delay and reverb..does anyone got close to his tone? I read somewere that hi had a wah pedal open just a bit to get that nasally sound
  2. I looked on youtube..thank you,it does sound really good..much better than headrush frfr108..I think I will get one :)
  3. How u connect your Pod Go with Katana? I have the same amp 100 mkii..do u use the amp or preamp on Pod Go? Thx
  4. I had the same problem,I jist got the pod go and I used it with my Boss Katana mk2 with power amp in fuction and I thought I plugg the pod go in the power amp in and play,but because I was using cab in the Pod go the sound was so bad that I was so close to send it back..but when I found out that is not good to use cab when u have a amp ,the sound is very good now..I think and FrFR speaker or cab will give u the best sound from Pod Go. The only problem I have now and I see other peopel have aswell is when I make a sound and I hear it trhu Boss katana it ok but when I use headphones is fizzy :( and bad..but if I use the factory presets with headphones is ok..I don't understand what I do wrong
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