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  1. jcpe

    HXFX and HX edit problem

    will check on that... thanks
  2. just updated my hxfx to 2.91 smoothly...however, I noticed that when I use HX edit, it always disconnects my HXFX after some time... i have to restart my HXFX everytime this happens...is this a software or hardware glitch? i've tried 4 USB cables already and have tried the ports at the back of my PC ... im running windows 10
  3. thanks for this and the awesome fast response
  4. also, maybe 12 blocks for the hxfx
  5. on HXFX, when connecting an expression pedal either for volume or expression, automatically it is there, not consuming a block
  6. jcpe

    HXFX to Pod Go

    planning to hxfx to hx stomp , or will hxfx to pod go be good as well?
  7. jcpe

    HXFX to Pod Go

    will this be a better "upgrade"?
  8. Hi, any advice on how to "properly" go direct to the board from HX efx..any other pedals I need to add? thanks
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