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  1. Yes that's right, couldn't find an older version of the USB interface for love nor money. But it seems like that's working with the two green lights but no recognition of the guitar being plugged in. Don't worry, not going anywhere! :) Using a laptop too, have tried it on multiple laptops of different ages and operating systems as well, in case that made a difference but no luck. Think I might be the guitar as I've had it over 10 years and never tried it but who knows! Plus the chances of finding a tech guy to physically look at it were remote before lockdown, let alone now.
  2. Just to add I tried it with batteries and a TS cable and no difference I’m afraid. Green lights on the USB interface but neither the Line 6 Monkey or Variax workbench recognises a guitar plugged in. Very frustrating and sounds like a fairly common problem they have. Shame they’re so unreliable as I do like the guitar.
  3. Cheers I’ll give it a try. And dare I ask why the TS cable with the batteries as opposed to the TRS cable?
  4. Yes, connected to the footswitch. Not using batteries. Would that make a difference in terms of the computer recognising the guitar is plugged into the USB interface?
  5. Yes it's being powered by the 1/4" inch cable, no batteries in the guitar.
  6. Hi all Longtime lurker, first time poster. I've had a Variax 600 for years and have finally got around to getting a USB interface for it (one of the newer ones) and cable in order to use Workbench. Now I've read many posts about this (big thank you for that!) so made sure I downloaded the standard Workbench designed for an older Windows (I run Windows 10), get the 32bit Java, Line 6 Monkey etc but it doesn't recognise the guitar when plugged in with the CAT cable. I've got 2 green lights on the interface, it seems like all the drivers are up to date but I go into Workbench and I just get the message 'no device detected' even though it can detect the USB interface? Any ideas? anything I'm doing wrong? Thanks Nick
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