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  1. Thanks a bunch for sharing your knowledge. Cheers ! Nils
  2. Thanks again spaciatl for your response. The Acoustic in question is a Martin D27 with a preamp on board. We know there are plenty of options for tweaking the sound. Would you recommend the Pod Go ... or should we aim higher ? :) From what I have been reading elsewhere in this forum ... the Pod Go can also be recommended to our bass player I guess ... Any thoughts ? Kind regards Nils
  3. I do not think that changing Guitars in the middle of a song would ever happen :). Thanks for your feeeback So you do not expect any audio issues with using the Effect Loop Return (at instrument level) for a Piezo pickup .... with regards to the quality of the guitar sound ? regards Nils
  4. Hello to you all. Hope you all are doing great in there very strange times we live in right now. My question relates to the new Pod Go and maybe members of the Helix family as well. We are just collecting information at this point, The Guitar player in our band will be using both an electric and an acoustic guitar during our gigs. The acoustic will have internal piezo pickpus. I guess this scenario is quite common. The plan is for the guitar player to be able to embed guitar management logic into the device he will be using .... To make an example with Pod Go ... Both the Electric and Acoustic guitars are connected to the Pod Go at all times Only one of these guitar is active at any given time. Preset X on the Pod Go will open up for the Electric Guitar to pass through the Pod, and close out the Acoustic Preset Y on the Pod Go will open up for the Acoustic Guitar to pass through the Pod, and close out the Electric As for the Pod Go... I guess we will have to use the Guitar input for the Electric Guitar, and the Effect Loop Return for the Acoustic guitar. For the Electric guitar .... I guess everything is fine But for the Acoustic .... Do we need to do anything to prep the signal from the Acoustic before it enters the Effect Loop Return Jack .... (the acoustic is a mono source, and is expecting a hi-z input) We are aware that the Effect Loop Return can be set to instrument level. Hope someone here has some clever ideas Additional information: We plan to use the Amp Out port on the Pod Go to feed a voice processor that accepts the Guitar signal to manage and guide additional Harmonic voices generated in the Voice processor.The Guitar management feature then becomes important, as no cables needs to be dis/re connected to get the Voice harmony function to work. Kind regards Nils
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