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  1. Hello, What is the frequency response of the Powercab+ 112? I currently use it with my Variax and Helix. I'm considering using it for the Singular Beat Buddy and my bass guitar/HX Stomp combo. Any thoughts or concerns? Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone! Thank you very much for helping me out. I did try a different cable and two different USB ports on a Win 10 desktop. I then followed Datacommando's instructions to the letter and was able to upgrade the firmware on the Helix and Powercab Plus 112 without any issue. Thanks again for everything!
  3. Hello, New Helix user here. The Helix Floor came with firmware 2.30. I downloaded HX Edit 2.92. I followed the install instructions as well as the backup instructions. I then went through the firmware update. Now the Helix will start up stating Firmware 2.92 and then it switches to Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode! with the sine waves moving below it. When I start HX Edit, the sine waves on HX Edit are moving while it says "connecting" for a short time and then the Helix sine wave freezes and the HX Edit says "Reconnect. Connection Interrupted." I'm running a Windows 7 laptop. I have tried three cables and three USB ports. If I shut down HX Edit and start Line 6 Updater, the screen will either be blank black or white with Account and About at the top, but I can't click on them. Please help! Thanks!
  4. When playing a Helix through a Powercab Plus, should I turn the Helix volume all the way up and control the overall volume from the PC+ or vice versa? Or maybe it doesn't matter? Thanks!
  5. Thank you for the information. Knowing this, I am going to purchase the Helix as I enjoy the idea of multiple stomp switches, built in expression pedal, mic input, flexible signal path, etc. I'm going to pair it with the Powercab plus. Seems like a good combo. Will it be safe to play a bass guitar through the Helix to the Powercab or does the Powercab not go low enough frequency wise for a bass guitar? Thank you,
  6. Hello folks, I'm interested in getting into Line 6. Does the Helix have the same number of effects (amps, cabs, mics, stomps, etc.) as the HX Stomp? I ask because I read through the two owner manuals and it appears the HX Stomp contains more? I was thinking maybe the manuals have not been updated? I like the almost unlimited patch creation/block options in the Helix as well as input/outputs, number of switches, etc. , but I also love more sound options to play with. Thanks!
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