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  1. Yes. Exactly my point. So back to the topic at hand. How to reach the right people with this information? Even if they replied with a negative answer, at least we knew we tried to make the product a little more versatile and appealing.
  2. Hey! Yes I am aware of the snapshots and their numbering but I actually meant the text in stomp mode where it names the stompbox or parameter you're controlling. Let's say delay pedal. It's green and has a name and you know what it does. But if you merge let's say a delay and a reverb pedals into one footswitch, then that block gets named as 'MUULTIPLE (2)' and becomes white in color. So with one press you activate two pedals without needing to go into snapshot select screen. That's one less press to do. And you can't customize that which is such a shame. This is an addition besides the snapshots. So yeah, I hope I'm being clear. And the main goal of the topic still stands. How to give line6 pod go devs the proposal?
  3. Greetings friends. I have had this little unit for about a week now and am almost done learning all of the tricks and possibilities it has and can do and am loving it. I'm surprised how well done the interface and usability is with this thing. They weren't kidding when advertising it as 'Ridiculously easy to use'. However I noticed some room for improvement regarding the footswitches in stomp mode. To cut right to the chase - I'd love to be able to edit and change the color of the 'footswitch LED'/'stompbox in the LCD' as well as have the option to rename the block to whatever I desire Why you might ask? Well if you assign and merge a few blocks into one switch it just reads 'MULTIPLE (2)' or whatever number of stompboxes or parameters you assign to that footswitch. The color also becomes white. While it's all fine and dandy with one, what if I'd want to do that with all six footswitches? Then I'd have six almost identical looking switches. And what if I do that with all of the available presets? It would be quite difficult to remember what is where after a while. A combination of a color and some text would make life a lot easier. This is not a rant or anything, the unit is quite versatile as it is and this isn't a huge issue, It's just my two cents which might be interesting to a lot of other people as well. So regardless of the possibility of Line6 implementing something like that with a firmware update in some distant future, the point of this topic is this: How do I even get this idea to their developer team for at least a consideration?
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