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  1. Has anybody answered Just Startin's question I have the same problem ............ I would think that the Master Volume(upon turn On) would stay at the same level that you have it set for, when you shut the unit off For instance if it is set to 50% when you turn it off , why when you turn it back on it is reset to ~ 22% It is a problem if while your playing and for whatever reason you have to restart the pedal, lt does not return to the same level it was at prior to turning the unit off I looked through the manual and googled this, but was unable to find an answer Thanks
  2. Hi jdebiase You mentioned something that might be something to consider. I don't remember having this problem until I connected a second expression pedal. I was at firmware version 1.1. I thought that the update to 1.2 would had helped but no joy there
  3. Pedal Question Please forgive me if there are post on this issue already, but I have not found any. It seems no matter how many times I perform a pedal calibration the volume pedal does not track. Once I hit about 50% of travel I am at 100% of volume. There is very little room to navigate volume levels. The pedal seems to have a sweet spot between 40% and 50% travel, which yields 20% to 100% of the net volume control If anyone has any suggestions please ....... let me know Thanks in Advance
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