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  1. I just got an Amplifi TT recently and set up the Amplifi Remote app installed on an old android phone I had laying around. But its a small screen and I am thinking about getting a device with a larger screen like the Amazon FireHD 10" tablet. I read up on it and it is sort of Amazon specific implementation of Android and does not even come with the Google App Store (to download Amplifi Remote). However, watching YouTube videos it appears pretty easy to add Google App Store to the Fire HD. Still, I am concerned there may be issues with the setup because who knows what Amazon might have done to the Android operating system. Has anybody ran this type of a setup with good results?
  2. OK, so I am going to buy a used Amplifi TT for 100 bucks, even after reading this thread on constant bluetooth connection issues. I really like the idea of what this unit does - built in consumer level outputs to connect to home stereo or powered speakers, remote control app for ipad, tone matching presets for songs you are trying to play, FX, cab sim, audio interface, etc. I have nothing right now except guitar and tube amp and for 100 bucks this gets me a lot to play and learn with and will take a chance on having issues with it. Even if the bluetooth does not work, still interested in all the rest of the features it has. Will report back after I have used it a while.
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