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  1. Just got back into Variax this weekend and was wondering the same thing Re: Monkey. Neither MacOS or Windows 10 supports Monkey. The JTV59 I just picked up used was built in 2014 and, based on the lack of maintenance performed on the rest of the guitar, I highly doubt anyone updated the firmware on it. I'd *Love* to find a way to get under the hood of this thing and make sure I'm getting top performance. I've owned the Standard and JTV-69, and sold them both due to lack of comfort when playing. This JTV59 just fits my hands so well and the mag p'ups sound great - It's reaffirmed my faith the technology, and I can't wait to gig with it and the Helix!
  2. Thanks for the reply and reminder! Never thought of this place as just a support forum, but I think you're probably right. Oh well - I appreciate the answer! :-)
  3. Greetings campers... Long time Helix lover/user here. Have been looking for a compact desktop alternative to the Helix for casual practice and writing. Have Helix Native for recording, but don't want to go through the hassle of firing up Studio One and setting up a track to use it. Looked longingly at HX Stomp, but didn't want to lay out the cash... Well, the gods smiled down upon me at work last week and dropped a good-sized Amazon gift card in my lap. So, this weekend I went shopping for a desktop effects unit, and ended up pulling the trigger on the Amplifi TT. It should be arriving Wednesday. Now, I've read all the threads about intermittent BT connection and hassle with the app. I've also watched the YouTubes and saw some cool features and pretty good tone. My expectations have been appropriately tempered. However, I am still pretty stoked about being able to sit down, plug the G10 into the guitar (Have had it for a couple years for use w/Helix- works great and never leaves my desk), and start playing! I guess I'm looking for a little commiseration with like minded folk who bought into the Amplifi TT system and are happy they did so. Anybody out there? Any secret tips or Easter Eggs to be aware of? Don't make me regret the decision before it even arrives!!!
  4. Did the update last week. The system worked flawlessly before, but after the update the unit is now bricked and useless. Transmitter won’t charge and the receiver flashes red. Unplugged overnight. No different. Left to charge the unit - still dead. Tried reinstalling update - no change. I understand the mandatory shutdown in California is making a mess of things for Line6, and I’m not going anywhere either, so it’s not an immediate need to repair. Will put in a support ticket and wait my turn... Stay safe y’all!
  5. I bought a used JTV-69 and just registered it as a product like it was a new one. It's now in the list.
  6. Legacy effects and HX reverbs. I'm already pleased as punch with the available amps and most everything else Helix offers (Workflow, I/Os, audio quality, HX Edit ease of use, etc.). Would love to see improvement on the tuner, but I have zero problem using an outboard unit until they get around to that challenge. To be perfectly honest, if L6 never did another update, I'd still be over the moon happy with Helix. It is most incredibly powerful, flexible, easy to use, fantastic sounding piece of guitar related gear I have owned in 40+ years of playing. Any improvements/additions they make are simply icing on the cake...
  7. GutchGtr

    2.31 Release Date

    Yeesh -- You guys rip through new upgrade features faster than my dog rips up dirty socks! I've barely scratched the surface of the last upgrade (Mainly because I'm spending so much time playing/tweaking the Trainwreck amp model - Love that one! :wub: ) ...
  8. Finally picked up the Helix carrying bag from Sweetwater. Dayum -- This thing is solid!!! Just thought I'd share. Carry on... ;)
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'd also like to hear from the design folks at L6 to find out to what extreme they ran their thermal stress tests on Helix. RoHS (lead free) solder has a much higher melting point as compared to traditional tin/lead, so that works to our advantage, but there are also component stresses that come into play. Better safe than sorry. As for a shade or "umbrella" for the unit, that's a definite! I've drawn up a couple ideas using narrow dowel rods or PCB tubing and dark fabric that can be quickly & easily assembled to form an awning over the Helix. Clean looking, would block sunlight and still allow air flow, and is flexible enough for cables to run underneath the fabric. Would be easy to break down and wrap up (Like silverware in a paper napkin) for easy cartage and storage. Total construction cost would be under $20. Just need to borrow a sewing machine to create the loops in the fabric for the rods to pass through and hold the awning in place...
  10. Played my first outdoor gig with my new Helix today. Sounded great, worked flawlessly during the 45 minute set. Although the TFT display was near impossible to see in the direct sunlight (Except for Tuner Mode), the scribble strips were bright & clear making patch and snapshot changes easy. After the show, the surprise came when I went to pick the Helix up -- It was friggin' HOT! I mean, it was all I could do to grab it and carry it off the stage before quickly putting it down to avoid burning my hands! It was on stage in direct sunlight for about two hours, and the black Aluminum case soaked up every ounce of solar energy it could! The question is this -- Should there be a concern that this type of temperature extreme will cause problems with the internal components? Solder joints, ICs, etc? What thermal testing was performed to the unit prior to release? I have another outdoor gig in a couple weeks and it's a full three hour show with the unit again soaking up lots of sunlight. I'm a bit concerned about thermal shutdown or fatigue on the electronics impacting the unit mid-show... Thanks in advance!
  11. There's a thread going on in the James Tyler Variax section that is discussing this problem. Check it out here: http://line6.com/support/topic/27566-vdi-cable-connection/
  12. The one I got from Sweetwater had the issue with the out-of-alignment RJ45 plug. I got the cable plug aligned inside the ethercon connector, but it still wouldn't work. Took it apart again and checked the outer shell by trying to insert it in the jack -- No go. That's when I realized it was was slightly out of round, preventing insertion. Ordered the replacement assemblies and replaced the originals -- All good now.
  13. Received the replacement ethercon connectors yesterday and did the swap on the Line 6 cable. Everything working wonderfully now!
  14. Nice price on the connectors! Are you using ruggedized cables or standard fare? I'd love to go down the same road, but I'd prefer to stick with the added flexibility and durability of ethercon cables offered by L6/Bose/etc...
  15. I have the same problem with a cable I just ordered from Sweetwater as well. After futzing with it for several hours (disassembling, reassembling, etc.) I was able to get one end to work, but ai found the other end is ever-so-slightly out of round, making it impossible to fit in either the Helix or the Variax output jack. Using an ethercon cable I use with my Bose L1 system, I confirmed that the equipment jacks are fine -- It's the plugs on the Line 6 cable that are causing the problem. Because I cut off some of the Heat shrink on the ends of the cable to facilitate a more true angle of the RJ45 connector inside the Ethercon shield, I can't return the cable to Sweetwater. So, I just ordered replacement Ethercon connectors from Newark Electronics. Here's the order info if you want to go down the same road: Stock No: Manufacturer Part No: UOM: Quantity: Price: Extended Price: 35C0563 NE8MC-B Each 1 2 $4.61 $9.22
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