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  1. So I tried this reprogram to free up the extra blocks and did run into an apparent issue regarding DSP (I think). I took out the Wah block only. Added a basic compressor. The result was two fold... I started getting a trailing static noise (almost like a loose connection or bad cable). So, I replaced cables...same noise appeared. I noticed on the display of the PodGO (and in Edit), the output circle at the end of the chain showed a zigzag line (think distorted circle). I switched to a stock preset and the noise and the zigzag circle went away. So, I switched back to the "hacked" preset and both appeared again. Time to experiment... Starting at the end of the chain, I turned off the reverb block. Noise disappeared. (ZigZag circle still there). Hmmmm...interesting. Turned the reverb block back on...noise returned. The Reverb in use was the new Dynamic Hall. So, I switched it out for a standard Hall reverb....and.....the noise disappeared. Never could get the zigzag to go away. So, my thought/question is this.... As mentioned above in the very well said "tennis ball" analogy.... I am curious if the "hack" does actually have an affect on the way the PodGo calculates and limits DSP usage. As mentioned, the Wah, Volume, and EQ blocks all have a designated DSP budget. Given that, the PodGo can calculate the DSP usage among the standard four user blocks and grey out options when you cannot use them due to DSP limitations....BUT once you throw a variable in (such as adding a compressor to the Wah block) it can no longer calculate DSP usage properly...THUS when I added the compressor block I was overloading the DSP resulting in the static noise and perhaps the ZigZag indicator on the output block. Has anybody else had this affect when using the non-hack "hack"?
  2. I have this same issue. I save all my presets and snapshots with Volume pedal position at 0%. PLUS, i have set EXP1 & EXP2 to be "Global" in the Global Settings Parameters. The volume pedal works as it should AFTER the unit turns on. If I am at half volume on a preset or snapshot and switch to a different preset or snapshot, the volume remains constant (except for any other variable with amp settings and such within the designated preset). HOWEVER, even with all presets and snapshots saved with 0% volume and the GLOBAL setting of EXP1 & EXP2, when I initially turn on the PodGo unit, my volume is at 100% even if the volume pedal is at 0%. It does not matter what preset the unit is on at the time. It happens every time. There has to be a setting that we are just missing on this or line 6 has a programming error that needs to be patched. I can't seem to solve it.
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