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  1. I have created a Battery PiggyBack which uses CR2477 1000MaH batteries, it simply requires soldering 2 wire leads to 2 available +/- points while the old battery is still there, once installed, the old battery can be removed. (alternatively I also have a dual CR2450 620MaH x2 piggyback system, which I actually use in my Vettas.) I created this for people who have no way of backing up their Vetta. All that’s needed to back up a vetta is the Free and super reliable Sysex Librarian Application for MacOS (or Windows), a USB to MIDI adapter/cable, or Midi Cables with a DI that has midi In/Out such as the older MOTU UltraLite FireWire and all the USB versions thereafter. If you have 2vettas, you cantransfer your patches between the two.
  2. The Firehawk1500 is the grandson of the Vetta
  3. This is NOT a firmware issue, I have had 4 HD147’s (and currently still have 2) and there are some common issues that are repairable fairly easily that can cause your volume issues. (1) The guitar Input PCB Connector 5wire to the Motherboard is made of some wierd pvc that interacts to oxidize the copper wires inside. On 3 of the 4 HD147’s (and a few of my Vettas) the copper inside these wires have disintegrated into green powder. So While this oxidation is happening, volume can go up and down. (2) Resistor R2 on all of the Guitar Input PCB have been dead suddenly and the smd 1Mohm resistor needs to be replaced. (3) There is 1, yes, just 1 screw that holds together the “AMP MODELS” Rotary Encoder (the knob that goes around 360degrees to select an Amp Model and when pressed and turned, a Speaker Cabinet Model). This Single solitary screw somehow becomes loose all by itself, likely from years of turning the encoder somehow, and as the screw becomes looser and looser the encoder makes les and less contact with the Contacts of Each Amp model that signals the cpu to engage that amp model or cab. Eventually when it’s very loose, you will get those volume jumps and also amp model and cab jumps all by itself. This one is the strangest issue I have ever come across and would love to find out who decided that 1 solitary screw was all that was required for such an important part of the amplifier. That star type washer that would normally prevent a screw from becoming loose when in contact between the screw head and flat metal, for some reason does not work on pcb material and over time just becomes ineffective. ThreadLock should have been used for such an important component depending on just 1 screw.
  4. ALL Vetta Owners... I recently owned 5 Vetta's, 2 are being used by my nephew's band's guitar players... of the 5, 3 developed the EXACT SAME ISSUE within about 6 months of each other. In addition to those I also have 2 HD147's, of which 1 did exactly the same thing within just 2 days of my Main Vetta Combo. It took me a while to figure out exactly what was causing the issue, which was: It was working, jamming and then nothing, no sound other than a bit of output hiss at high volumes... then it was moved, and all of a sudden it was working again... all the lights everything worked, just no signal... Eventually I opened up an HD147 The 5pin/wire Connector cable from the Input PCB to the MAIN PCB just seemed a bit too floppy and when I snagged it with everything on, the amp was alive again, and then no sound again... there was obviously something wrong with the cable when I tested continuity. When I cut them at the parts that seemed to have no wire stiffness at all, I found that 3 of the Wires INSIDE the cable had corroded and turned into dust. on the other 2 amps, exactly the same corrosion on the same cable. Unfortunately, it seems that the part is no longer available.... but, really, wires turning to dust? and completely mind-boggling that in a premium amp the quality of wire used would disintegrate? Of all the great parts of the Vetta Design, an accountant must have had it's say for that part (since I just ordered 10 for $1.27 from China Including Shipping). (I did spend quite a bit of time tracking down the Manufacturer though) 2.0mm XH is what to look for if this happens to you. Let me know if anyone needs any links or more info. cheers, Adnan/ConspiracyToCommit
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