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  1. I highly recommend using a powered monitor versus the powercab. I have a Helix Floor and if you want a consistent experience across the spectrum of most situations, a Powercab may not be for you. If you must have an amp feel, Disregard and go for it. I have owned the 112, 2 - 112s in stereo and a 212. They are cool, they are nice looking, they also have advantages for an air pushed feel, or have speaker sims; however, a powered monitor is the way to go. Powercabs will color your sound and provide inconsistent responses in different sized rooms. I have tried all of the Tutorials on flat response setups, but I still got inconsistent results . I took all of my cabs back to Guitar Center and now use a powered EV wedge monitor with my Helix. Why? For several proven reasons: I can establish a front of house preset perfectly because most venues use similar speakers. When I go to a gig - it’s perfect. I get consistent results when going from a a small studio to a rehearsal to a gig by only adjusting a volume knob. At my gig I have a perfect backup if no PA, or a perfect wedge to monitor me and the band in a live setting going front of house. If you gig long enough you know that front wedge monitors work much better than a powercab behind you since you have to blend the powercab to cut through the competing instruments. So for that reason alone, it’s a no brainer. Oh one more important item, my EV monitor blows away the volume on a Powercab. Powercabs sound totally different at gig volume than home studio volume. I use the EV ZLX and it can also be lifted on a pole as a backline amp outside, nice. The price is also 60% of the cost of a PC so you can buy more Line 6 toys.
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