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  1. @rd2rk that gave some trouble to indeed. Now you mention, in that case the right earplug was interrupting.. it didn’t ring an alarm in my head, so i just ordered a new jack to mini jack plug. (Will arrive today/tomorrow) Is there a connection between those two?
  2. Hi there, My fitst appearence here, so be kind to me:) Since a few weeks u have an HX Stomp on my pedalboard, fantastic machine! But since 2 weeks it doesn’t send out a stereo signal anymore. I use my pedalboard/HX Stomp at our local church, since the first moment i had it, i played stereo, by the usual way to put 2 jacks on the left+right output of the stomp. Nothing special so far. But since 2 weeks the sound guys @ the FOH (front of house) tell me that they don’t recieve a signal from the right output. Tried multiple jacks, switched between the left and right output, tried different DI’s, but no signal... I checked/compared some base settings with the HX Stomp of a friend, and those were no different. I use my gear very carefully, so i can truly say that i didn’t broke anything... it is only a few weeks old, it’s the limited white version, so i juist can’t believe it broke by itself... is there something in the settings that i forgot, or something else i didn’t think of? Hopefully there are some folks that can help me or send me in the right direction to solve this problem! thnx. Pieter
  3. Hi there, my first appearance here, so be kind to me:) since a few weeks I have an HX Stomp. Fantastic machine, works awesome. But since 1,5 week it doesn’t send stereo out anymore. I use my HX Stomp in church, put 2 standard jacks in my HX stomp left+right outputs (I have done this since the very beginning, and worked all the time just as it should be) and since 1,5 week the FOH (Front of House) doesn’t get the signal from the right output. Tried multiple jacks, switched jacks from the left output to the right, all the time they only get signal from the left output. Since the Stomp is very new, I can’t believe it is broken already (I use my gear very very carefully, so I’m 1000% Shure I didn’t break anything by my fould). maybe is this something in the settings? I really don’t know. Anyone who can send me in the right direction or know how to solve it? thanks Pieter
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